Sunday, January 17, 2021

Press & Media

Press and Media

The Fashion Frenze is the only place on the internet where fashion inspires. We help to bridge the gap between fashion and success by reshaping the lenses in which we view fashion today. The Fashion Frenze helps young women and men all across the world recognize their truest identity, using style, fashion and inspiration.

The Fashion Frenze believes that when you look good, you feel good and in turn, you do good. Whether you are hoping to land a job interview or meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, how we look, how we present ourselves is absolutely everything when determining just how far we can go in our own endeavors.

Media Mentions

Hooray, We Made It To The 2020 Feedspot Top 100 List!

The Fashion Frenze is honored to announce that we made it on FeedSpot’s 2020 Top 100 Fashion Blog Lists. Feedspot, home to over 240k influencers, is a place on the internet, where you can get all of your favorite content, blogs, YouTube channels, RSS feed, etc, all in one place.

For Press & Media Requests

Looking to interview The Fashion Frenze Chief Editor and Founder Sia Jackson?

Currently Available for:

• Media interviews in the online and offline press and media.
• Expert television commentary on current events and breaking news.
• Speaking engagements and panel moderation

Please send your request and all other relevant details to info@thefashionfrenze.com

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