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At The Fashion Frenze, we believe that if a woman looks her absolute best, she will feel her absolute best! Let us assist you in achieving that best look, so that you can feel your absolute best!!!


Don’t need a full Style Over, but just want some advice on what to wear? At The Fashion Frenze, just know that we got you! Our Stylists are perfectionists and will help you to come up with the perfect outfit!


***Upon Booking, please email booking@thefashionfrenze with your Name Phone Number, Product Booked, Availability (a week out), and a good time to contact you. Within 48hrs, you will receive a booking confirmation email along with a receipt for service booked.

Styling Consultant



A Style Over of your choosing and within your budget. We work with you to help evolve and/or transform your look so that you can feel and look your absolute best! The Fashion Frenze Style Over includes a new beauty look, a new and/or developed style and/or a chance for your new look to be featured on The Fashion Frenze Platform.

Style Over

A Fashionable Make Over



Personal shopping with one of The Fashion Frenze Stylists is so convenient. Have a dinner party and have no idea what you are going to wear, and don’t have the time to figure it out? Well that’s where our Personal Shoppers come in. Set a budget, give us the date, time and nature of the event and our Personal Shoppers will take care of the rest.

Personal Shopping

*This does not include your personal budget. This is the Base Pay for Your Personal's Shoppers Time and Fashion Sense



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