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Fashion Models, Designers, Photographers, Stylist and Cosmetologists

We would love to interview you and showcase your talents to our audience. If you are featured on The Fashion Frenze, you must have a professional website, look book and booking information.

Business Opportunities / Classified Posts Section

We will also give you a slot to show case your business or internship opportunity in The Fashion Frenze Classified Posts section. Please include all business details, logo and or flyer if applicable. Click Here for Advertising.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners are showcased based upon the overall theme of The Fashion Frenze supporting the style in which our readers are accustomed to. Our concept is Fashion and Inspiration. Any and all content created for the duration of the showcasing will reflect our concept. Please submit 4 to 8 professional pictures, 1 head shot, the rest head to toe along with your name, city, website, social media link and brief description of who you are, your background, business endeavor, and why you think fashion and inspiration go hand in hand. Please keep your file size low and refrain from submitting pictures in collages or with watermarks, website urls or any text. Upon approval of showcasing, all photos submitted become property of The Fashion Frenze LLC and may be used across social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other forms of digital media and/or promotional materials used and created by The Fashion Frenze LLC. We do not accept any pictures slightly pornographic, cell phone shots, selfies or any pictures outside of sophistication. Please note that The Fashion Frenze is not obligated to review or write about you or your business and it will be to our discretion whether or not we publish or take down your pictures.

Product / Gift Reviews

The Fashion Frenze accepts products/services for potential product reviews, brand spotlights, giveaways, etc. Please note that accepting them does not make the site obligated to review or write about your product/services. It will be under our discretion whether or not we mention it. Click Here for Advertising.

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