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Belted Trenchcoat 7th AvenueNew York & Company, $54.99

Now I absolutely adore this Trenchcoat. I would totally rock this. I almost purchased it while sifting through Trenchcoat styles. I love the bold yellow as it would compliment my skin tone. I also love how this trenchcoat can be a coat and/or a dress.


Handkerchief Hem CoatVenus, $89

Now Fashion Friends, this trench coat is our “you” trench coat. We love items that are personal to you and unique to your personality. Although its always good to keep a few trendy items in the closet, you also want something that is unique to you. An item that you adore soo much that it becomes your favorite.

Soft Trench Coat

Soft Trench CoatBanana Republic Factory, $55.99

Who wouldn’t love this blazer styled trench coat without the buttons? This trench coat is perfect inside the office and out. The neutral color green can be paired with almost anything.

Solid Double Breasted Belted Trench CoatSHEIN, $26

This is the typical Inspector Gadget style coat that we absolutely love and adore. I love the big buttons and the mini belts around the wrists. This nude color again, can be paired with pretty much anything and would be a great staple to one’s wardrobe.

Vegan Leather Trimmed Belted Trench CoatExpress, $124.60

You know I had to do it for all you vegan lovers out there. This trench coat is made from high quality fibers, helping to keep you warm and dry. This trench coat is stylish and low profile. The solid black stands out and will have even the most sophisticated minds turning their heads.


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Spring has finally fallen upon us. Spring is the birthing season where everything begins to come alive. Spring brings forth bright and pale colors while enlightening the world with its touch. Spring brings forth cleaning and the changing of wardrobes from fall to spring, we begin to swap out our closet only to replace our clothes with something a little more revealing. We have put together the Essentials we feel every girl should have in her closet. Take a look below!


A pair of sunglasses can really bring out the best in you. Sunglasses are one of our favorite accessories to pair just about with any outfit. Now a days, sunglasses come in all colors, and for frames there is no limit on shape and size.

2. A Bright Colored Blazer

Bright colors are in this season. You cannot go wrong with a bright red, yellow, orange or pink blazer. You can wear your new blazer in a professional or in a more social or causal setting. Where ever you wear it, you are sure to stand out!!!

3. Trench Coat

This is a staple. A must have during the rainy season. Trench coats should be light enough to keep you cool when it is too hot outside to wear a jacket and super stylish. Long, short, medium, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t have a trench coat any jacket will do the trick.

4. CrossBody Handbag

The warmer the weather the more we tend to venture out, creating our own adventures under the sun. A cross body handbag is the perfect handbag for these moments.

5. Boots & Booties

Pair your favorite jumpsuit with a pair of suede booties and a faux fur coat. This style screams ” I’m ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Get Out My Way!”

6. Crop Top

Omg!!!! Crop tops are one of our favorites. Crop tops come in all colors and styles so we suggest picking out a few. Long sleeve, short sleeve, hoodie, it doesn’t matter. Find a few that you can just fall in love with.

7. Body Suits

Finally we have the body suit. You can pair the bodysuit with jeans, skirts, tights or high pants.

Have anything else you would like to add???? Feel free to comment below!!!