Who Has The Best Sneaker Style This Season?

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First off, I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather we are experiencing. If you haven’t gotten outside for the weekend, I suggest you should. Secondly, can I share with you, my shopping experience yesterday? If so, please keep reading.

Here’s My Sneaker Shopping Story…


I had was on a mission to purchase a new pair of sneakers. Now yall, I’m not really into the runner type shoes. The only purpose I’d wear such a shoe is to work out or play sports. I’m also not a fan of Jordans, just because in my state, every one wears Jordans. I personally, enjoy a really clean sneaker style, that stands out amongst the crowd.

My first thought was that I’d try the NIKE Outlet. Back in the day, we used to have a place called NIKE Town. When I say Nike Town stayed with some of the hottest shoe gear around, I mean it. So naturally, I assumed the Nike Outlet was guaranteed to have something I’d like.

I arrived at the NIKE Outlet and like most places, had to wait in a line. Although the line was fairly quick to get through, I still found myself hoping that my wait in line wasn’t for nothing. Now this NIKE Outlet Store is located in Castle Rock. Imagine waiting in line, while surrounded by nothing but beautiful scenery. I’m talking Mountain scenery. The scene alone is enough to take anyone’s mind off of waiting in line.


Now as soon as I got into the store, I was unimpressed. First off all the NIKE outlet was not as big as I pictured. The floor was used primarily for selling gear and clothing, shoes were tucked off in the very back of the store. When I say, every shoe looked pretty much the same despite it’s uniqueness, I mean every shoe for women had the same exact look. The runner type look.

There were only a couple of all white forces, which I almost settled for. But anytime I’m having to settle for a style, I know I’m spending money in the wrong establishment. I’m one of those where, if I do not really, really like a product, I won’t buy it unless the product is an absolute need. Of course, I left empty handed and yet hopeful.

I swear I spent two hours searching high and low for a pair of sneakers. I tried Famous Footwear, Adidas, Puma etc… and nothing I really liked. I finally hit up Macy’s. Macy’s, Macy’s, Macy’s and guess what I found almost immediately? I promise you these shoes caught my eye from across the aisle.

Take a peak at these Michael Kors sneakers…


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Shop These Sneaks…

Michael Kors | Georgie Color Block Leather & Logo Jaquard Trainer, $150, michaelkors.com

Michael Kors | Georgie Leather & Logo Trainer, $170, michaelkors.com

Michael Kors | Georgie Brown Leather & Logo Trainer, $150, michaelkors.com

Now aren’t these sneaks fly? I mean, who would have known Michael Kors would be winning substantially in the shoe department this season. Usually I would not pay this much for a shoe, however, I’ve learned my lesson of not buying something I really, really, want.

Given the lack of impact most other shoes had on me, earlier that day, with Macy’s being the very last store I set my sights upon, I copped them. I mean why not? Not only are these shoes super fly, but they feel so good when you step in to them. I haven’t worn my shoes yet. outside of trying them on of course. Or pulled them out the box for that matter, however, I gather, they’ll receive a lot of compliments.

Bonus: Pictures of My New Shoes Coming Soon! Until Next Time…