My Four Friends Kitchen Experience

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Oh, my gosh! Was this place off the chain. What an experience I experienced. Located in Stapleton, Colorado, Four Friends Kitchen is a fairly new southern style eatery, brunch style. Due to the pandemic, every table is split 6 feet, in a contemporary type setting. The place kind of reminds me of the coffee shop type environment only stocked with a full bar.

Now, obviously with Covid, the way in which this restaurant handles business is just a tad bit different perhaps unusual, if you are not used to the new Covid Restrictions. As stated above, although the restaurant is located in what appears to be a two story building, on this day, only the main floor was open.

To my surprise they do have a reservation list but they do not accept reservations over the phone or in advance. I will say, however, they managed to get us in pretty quickly being that I was there on a weekday.

Our Meal….


For the appetizer, my friend put me on to Fried Green Tomatoes which are breaded and fried with a Serrano Buttermilk sauce and pickled vegetables. Now, I have to be honest, although this fried dish is one of the customer faves, I personally am not a fan of any vegetable fried. However, this dish, accompanied with the buttermilk sauce, was absolutely delicious.

Next up is the main dish. My dish was absolutely delicious! I chose the Creole Shrimp Omelet. My omelet had sautéed gulf shrimp, with a spicy tomato Creole sauce, green onions and pimento cheese. I mean every bite simply melted in my mouth. I mean absolutely superb.

My friend had the Down South Trio. The Down South Trio contains a creamy, green chili mac and cheese with bacon bits, buttermilk fried chicken tenders smothered in a smoked chili, caramel syrup and collard greens. Oh my gosh! My friend gave me a taste tester and wow! The collard greens were to die for. I could taste a hint of nutmeg mixed into the collard greens. Let me tell you, Four Friends Kitchen has some of the best collard greens you will ever order at a restaurant.

Overall, I give Four Friends Kitchen 5 out of 5 Stars. If you live in Denver or even visit Denver, this restaurant should be a must on your list.

Rating: 5 out of 5.