9 Luxe Fragrances Every Girl Should Know About

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Marc Jacobs – Daisy Love

Here are 9 sensational luxe fragrances Every Girl Should Know of in 2020

Burberry – London

The Burberry London Eau De Parfum for women is a light mist perfume. First time use, you will definitely notice a slight hint of citrus combined with honey and a hint of jasmine. This fragrance is refreshing and upbeat. May need a few applications throughout the day, but smells wonderful for it’s price.

Chloe – Eau De Parfum

Now the Chloe – Eau De Parfum is so feminine and soft. The subtle, and sensual scent of rose, magnolia and lilies are just enough to catch the attention of others without being overpowering. This perfume is perfect for more formal and office like settings.

Calvin Klein – EveryOne

Now while the Calvin Klein – Everyone fragrance is again not my favorite, I would wear it if that was the only fragrance I’ve had. The Every One fragrance is unisex. Hence the name, EveryOne. I’m not exactly sure why Calvin Klein made this scent. My guess is so that EVERYONE, man or woman, can feel included. While I can appreciate the light citrusy smell in the beginning, the long lasting smell of the man’s cologne is a major turn off.

Calvin Klein – Eternity

Calvin Klein – Eternity is very mature, elegant and classy. This perfume is of quality and is long lasting when worn properly. There is a unique almost signature like combination of powder and white lilies that lingers when one walks past. Great for every day office use or for special occasions.

Gucci Bloom – Ambrosia Di Piori

Now this is one of my favorites so far this year. The Gucci-Ambrosia Di Pori is more of a bold, spicy scent. The orris root combined with white rose gives the Gucci Bloom a rich, savory smell. This fragrance is lasts longer than some others on the list and will have you turning heads no matter where you are.


Gucci Guilty – Love Edition

Summer love happened so fast. Yes you guys heard me. The Gucci Guilty is a wonderful summer like vintage fragrance. This particular edition is for a limited time only.

Marc Jacobs – Perfect

The Marc Jacobs – Perfect scent is a very empowering and embolding scent. With this, you have a powerful combination of flowers but also of almond milk, believe it or not. The perfect scent will be perfect for upbeat and uplifting activities.

Marc Jacobs – Daisy Love

The Marc Jacobs – Daisy Love reminds me of the Sensual Amber Mist from Bath & Body Works. The Daisy Love is a light and more youthful, fragrance. To me, I smell a hint of a vanilla of sorts, but that would be the cashmere musk; the driftwood mixed in. This fragrance does not last long and often needs several applications.

Valentino – Donna Born In Roma

Hands Down! Another one of my favorite fragrances. The fragrance is sweet, sexy, sophisticated and fierce. When I think of Donna, I think of a mysterious woman in all black, red bottom stilettos’ and bold, red lipstick. I think of bombshell. This smell is sweet with a punch. Great for going out for a night on the town.

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