Inspired Daily: Don’t Like The Story, Change The Narrative

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Hey Fashion Friends, I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, “The best revenge is success.” The best revenge is proving someone wrong, especially when they think lowly of us.

A lot of times, we are pressured into thinking that another person’s perception of who we are is accurate, and thus we begin to believe it. It can be hard to recognize our own perception of ourselves, especially when we are forced to be clouded by the negative thoughts, and stereotypes of those around us. We may begin to feel down or depressed; Perhaps feel like we aren’t good enough. We may encounter people who tell us that we will amount to nothing just as we may encounter people who look down upon who we are.

Despite all of that hatred and negativity, we owe it to ourselves to know who we are. We must look in the mirror and know that we were sent here to be exactly who we are- to the fullest extent. We must know that no matter what other people say or do; No matter what other people think of us, we are only what we think of ourselves, first and foremost. Access what other’s say but don’t take it for truth. And if then, we find out we still don’t like ourselves, perhaps we should work to change that part of ourselves to match the narrative that we’d like to tell.


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