Confidence & Style: Fashion Designer Londiee Luxe

The Fashion Frenze: “Hi Londiee. Thank you for joining us today. We are really excited to have you on the platform. Why don’t you start by telling our fashion friends, a little bit about yourself.”

Londiee Luxe aka Louisa | Owner of Luxe Lingerie Atlanta

LL: “First and foremost, I want to thank you for this amazing opportunity to share a piece of myself, my soul, and journey with you. It is truly an honor to be featured on The Fashion Frenze platform, not only to share my story but also my upcoming fashion brand. My real name is Louisa also known as Londiee Luxe and I am the proud owner of Luxe Lingerie Atlanta. I have many talents and skills that I’m mastering, in order to serve souls from all walks of life, all around the world!


I am a mother of three beautiful children, Jayden, Ra Meer, and Paris. My children are the air to my fire. Being a mother has motivated me to accomplish my dreams. My children give me power to fight through obstacles that have held me back in the past. I know now, that I can break generational curses and become the best version of myself for my children.”


TFF: “I’ve had a similar experience with my kiddo as I’m sure many of our readers can relate. It’s just something about motherhood that forces us to become super! It just forces out the super powers in us so to speak. Tell us more about Luxe Lingerie Atlanta?”

LL: “Well, my business is still in its early stages. However, the vision for Luxe Lingerie Atlanta is to encourage women around the world to truly love themselves. I have always loved clothes and it truly excites me to create fashion looks the world will enjoy.

Luxe Lingerie Atlanta will have simple affordable collections as well as custom design options and signature sets. Our products include but are not limited to lingerie, loungewear, swimwear, accessories, make up, perfumes, and special occasion gift sets.

The Luxe Lingerie website is currently being revamped and will be up and fully running soon. We hope for the Luxe Lingerie Atlanta’s debut collection to drop April 2, 2021.


TFF: “Oooh, the anticipation is high. We cannot wait till the LLA collection drops. The date has definitely been noted. Aside from that, how would you say fashion has inspired your personal life as well as career?”

LL: “Working in the fashion industry has helped my personal development in many ways! I owe all of my success to the most high God. Growing up I developed multiple insecurities which caused me to have low self-esteem. My parents didn’t have much money so I never wore a ton of name brand clothes. I grew up believing that if I didn’t wear name brand clothes, I didn’t have or lacked style.

I’ve always enjoyed high fashion. Being limited with what I could afford often times, I learned how to turn low end clothes into high fashion garments. Realizing that I could make my own garments and master pieces has helped to build so much confidence in myself! Fashion, to me, is creating your own unique style and in doing so I have opened my own world where I can truly be myself. My fashion has helped me to understand and express myself in a way that is unique to my soul.”


TFF: “Being that you are a Sonographer during the day, out of curiosity, what made you want to get involved in designing and selling fashion?”

LL: “Well, after all that I’ve overcome, I am a now naturally, confident woman. I share a piece of myself and what I’ve learned into my designs. I want confidence to be woven throughout every piece and my customers to feel the love for my craft, in every stitch.

Robe created by Londiee Luxe

I am also a huge advocator for body positivity. I never agreed with the MANY luxury fashion brands who only appeal to a specific body type or frame. Women with curves, such as myself, have a difficult time relating to high fashion brands, because they do not cater to our body shape. I want to be able to change that but also change the way people see beauty. All shapes and sizes should be included. Every woman deserves the right to wear stylish clothes or lingerie, that accentuates her body.”

TFF: “Absolutely! We at The Fashion Frenze, certainly support body positivity through the guise of self love and good health. Those key ingredients are needed for any entrepreneur no matter what industry they are in. Now for our young entrepreneurs seeking to get into business, what advice can you give?”

LL: “I love this question because sharing knowledge is the best way to add value to another person’s life. One of my favorite pieces of advice to give people is to just start! Too many times, we often let ourselves, the people around us, family, friends, etc, discourage us and turn us away from making our dreams come true! Now it truly doesn’t matter if you are scared, lack resources, or are struggling with a lack of confidence. All you need to do is sit down and start somewhere!

There is always some form or aspect in business that you can be spending time on cultivating and perfecting. I would also advise people to adapt a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset is the foundation for attracting abundance and accomplishing your goals. A person is either going to find a way or they are going to make an excuse. If you are a person who consistently makes excuses, there is no way you can grow and move forward. Success is directly tied to our personal development. So start there, when you are looking to brand yourself and build an empire.”


TFF: ” – and for the young models going into the fashion industry?”

LL: “My advice for young models just getting into the industry is to collaborate and work with people. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and don’t give up on your dreams! I was always told growing up that I wasn’t pretty enough; I was too big or I wasn’t tall enough to be a model. All of those things are lies! I’m 27 years young and I’m just now realizing that we have the power to put together some amazing work! You don’t need big industry deals to be successful or to build confidence.

The take-away is to never listen to anyone else’s voice without listening to your inner voice FIRST! To many times we let people cast THEIR personal doubt onto our lives. We need to realize that their reality is not our own personal reality. Just be confident enough to stand in your power. Push through your anxiety, fear, and/or sadness and show the world what you have to offer. You have to first believe in yourself ; then everything will come together as soon as you make the decision to believe in yourself.”

Londiee Luxe | Owner of Luxe Lingerie ATL

TFF: “Now we all know that being an entrepreneur, a creative mind can come with it’s own share of ups and downs. What has been the most challenging situation you’ve had to deal with in your industry so far?”

LL: “The most challenging issue I’ve had to deal with in my industry is attracting my tribe. I am a high energy being and any amount of doubt emanating from another person I can feel it and it will give me anxiety. Yet and still, no matter how scared I am, I always push through. Some people get mad at that.

On my path I don’t have time to be doubting myself because doubt does nothing but steer me away from accomplishing my goals. I truly want to connect with people that are like-minded individuals and know how to work together instead of competing with each other. We all have different talents that we were given to help the people that are in our life and a lot of people rather keep them for themselves instead of sharing to reach our goals.

I also find that I am a natural born leader. Some leaders have a hard time with taking the side seat every once in a while, in order for them to learn and grow. I have been surrounded with people my entire life that never wanted to work together but instead wanted to focus on miniscule issues that do not serve a positive purpose. Understand that you need a team to truly be successful. It’s not easy finding a team when everyone is in competition or jealous of you.”


TFF: “Girl, I’m sure soo many business owners can relate as I know I can. Putting together a team of like minded individuals or finding the right people to do the job is not as easy as it sounds. At The Fashion Frenze, we tend to talk about how fashion and success go hand in hand. Do you think the way a person carries themselves determines how the world perceives them?”

LL: “Yes, unfortunately, the way that you carry yourself is the way that people will perceive you. Perception in my opinion, has a lot to do with the individual. There are so many different people and personalities in the world which makes it easy to confuse reality with perception. Nevertheless, some people seem to only be able to focus on the physical and don’t really take a chance to get to know people so they can have a better understanding on why a person dresses or acts the way they do. I don’t think that it is always wise for people to perceive others based upon how they dress without fully knowing them but in reality that’s just the way that people are.”

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TFF: “If you could give one piece of sound advice to the youth of today, what would you say?”

LL: “If I could give one piece of advice to the youth of today’s world I would have to give the message of patience. Do not rush to grow up. Figure out what you are passionate about as early as you can. Our gifts are given to us as children and so many times we forget the things that we love and are sent here to accomplish because the world starts guiding us in a different direction.

As a child I loved designing and creating, but my skills weren’t supported or nurtured so that I could grow into the woman that I was called to be early on. I had to do a lot of searching for my gifts simply because I forgot them. Even if no one helps you cultivate your gifts, the universe will always send the right people your way as long as you make the decision! Don’t give up on yourself or your talents trying to focus and do what everyone else does. I have a saying that I use very often and that is ‘A flower doesn’t have to ask the flower next to it for directions on how to grow’. This simply means that we were born with everything we need in order to become the person we are supposed to be. Listen to your voice within!”


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