Why Are Effective Decision Making Skills So Important

Why are effective decision making skills so important?

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Hey Fashion Friends,

Welcome back to The Fashion Frenze where we consistently build the connection between Fashion and Success. Today, I’ll be discussing the importance of effective decision making. Our entire lives is the sum of the decisions we make, every single day. It is imperative to make decisions today that are going to positively benefit us ten years from now.

Allow me to share with you a brief story that led to the inspiration that has allowed me to create this article on decision making.

The Fashion Frenze has been around since March 2019. The tag line is The Only Place Where Fashion Inspires. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Success and Fashion. This mission alone, is not easy to create. The concept of our online magazine wasn’t always this easy to explain.

In fact, the challenges we faced, was enough to not fully believe in or be committed to our mission and our brand. As a result of, The Fashion Frenze sat on the back burner for months. The frequency of our posts were extremely low. Our brand was not taken seriously at all and thus never made even the smallest impact The Fashion Frenze is currently making now.


Some of our readers may ask, “What happened between March 2019 and December 2020 that has changed our attitude and allowed us to really step our game up?”

To tell you the truth, As a team, we really had to make the decision to go all in. We had to make the decision to truly put our money where our mouth was and produce. We had to make the decision that our concept was worth investing in. We had to make the decision to consistently create instead of making excuses for why we couldn’t.

Additionally, the reason making a decision is so emphasized here is because once a decision is made, the universe will do everything in its power to help you to achieve the results you are seeking, once the decision is made. Once we as a team, decided to put our all into our brand, the floodgates have been opened. As a result of, The Fashion Frenze is now #93 on FeedSpots, Top 100 Fashion Blog list, among many other opportunities.

With this in mind, I hope this helps you in making whatever difficult decisions you may ever have to make. I don’t care, what it is, make the decision to do or not do it. You will soon see that there are way more positive benefits for decisiveness than for indecisiveness.

Until next time…