7 Really Good Reasons to Dress Up

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Girls Night Out

Hanging with my girls enjoying girl time is one of my favorite moments to put my best fashion fit on. I love how chic and fashionable we all are, when we get together after a long day at work. Each of my girls have a different sense of style that matches their dynamic personalities. Dressing up is what makes a girls night out interesting and fun.

Attending A Party

Every party I attend, I strive to be amongst the best dressed, if not the best dressed. If you are like me, a bit shy and introverted, knowing that I look good, helps me to be a little more carefree in personality.

A Job Interview

I’m going to share one of my secrets to landing a job interview, is dolling up. Check out 8 Wardrobe Essentials that Will Rock Your Interview for more tips. Dolling up for an interview, helps me to feel and behave confidently. It also helps me to stand out and allows me to be memorable to the Employer.

Business Meeting

Dolling up can benefit you in any sort of business or professional setting, especially if you are a woman. My grandmother always said, that beauty can be a gift if you understand how to use it. Well here is where a woman’s beauty and her brains can help her to achieve much success in what ever endeavors she chooses.

To Feel Better

In 6 Amazing Tips That Will Give Your Confidence An Immediate Boost, I talk about how looking good, helps you to feel good almost immediately. Any time I feel down, I love to dress up, get out the house and take pictures. The compliments received from others around me will naturally lift my spirits up.

Attending a Family Function

Family functions can be a bit political in terms of “The Haves and The Have Nots.” Dressing up to attend a family function can truly dilute some of those stigmas, no matter where you are in life. For some reason, humans tend to judge our appearance to determine what’s monetarily in our pocket and if your family is anything like mine, the more presentable and fashionable the appearance, the less scrutiny one receives.

Taking Professional Pictures

I feel as if this is a no brainer. Whether you are going for a Formal, boudoir or glamour look, all photoshoots should require a bit of effort. Make up and a well put together fashion outfit will suffice.

Well that is all I have for now, fashion friends. Until next time,

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