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In the heart of Down Town, Tupelo Honey, a southern eatery, made the Union Station its home in 2017. Now when I think of Southern food, I think of Baked Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, Sweet Potatoes, so on and so forth. I work near Union Station along the 16th Street Strip Mall and decided to give Tupelo Honey a try especially since the restaurant is known for its Southern twist.

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I decided to try Tupelo Honey during my lunch. I was dressed down a bit, in jeans and a hoodie, so I was a bit worried on the quality of the service I’d receive. When I arrived, I was greeted immediately and treated like the guy next to me with reservation, dressed in a suit and tie. GOOD OLD SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!

After reviewing the menu, I had determined the word Southern did not actually fit the menu. Or at least what I perceived to be southern food. The closest I seen to southern food was Baked Mac & Cheese and Fried Chicken. Because I am a picky eater, the menu disappointed me, but nevertheless I proceeded to order.

I ordered a Turkey and Apple Pressed Sandwich with Avocado Sauce. I traded out the fries for baked Mac & Cheese which was only a dollar more than what the meal costed me. I spent a total of fourteen dollars for one meal that filled my stomach in about two bites. The food was delicious. I did receive a minor stomach ache afterwards, however, that won’t stop me from eating here again.

To top it off, I had been waiting for some time to order my food and with only 30 minutes for lunch, I did inform the waitress prior to ordering my food, that I would have to leave. The waitress was very kind. She understood I was on a time crunch and brought me my meal to go. Based upon my experience, I would rate Tulepo Honey 4.5 stars. I would also recommend those visiting Denver to check this place out.

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