35 John C. Maxwell Quotes to Help Strengthen Relationships

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35 John C. Maxwell Quotes to Help Strengthen Relationships

Hey Fashion Friends,

I just completed “Relationships 101: What Every Leader Needs To Know” by John C. Maxwell. When I say my eyes were opened to somethings, I mean it. I was impacted so much so, that I will be writing a review here shortly on what I took away from the book that could benefit me in my life.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you, quotes that stood out to me, while reading John C. Maxwell’s, “Relationships 101: What Every Leader Needs To Know.

Here are 35 John C. Maxwell quotes that will help strengthen every day relationships.

“Just about everything you do depends on teamwork.” – John C. Maxwell

“You can not make the other fellow feel important in your presence if you secretly feel that he is a nobody.” – Les Giblin

“Without trust, you cannot sustain any kind of relationship.” – John C. Maxwell

“One-sided personal relationships do not last. If one person is always the giver and the other is always the receiver, then the relationship will eventually disintegrate.” – John C. Maxwell

“When it comes to respect, everything begins with respect, with the desire to place value on other people.”

– John C Maxwell

“When relationships grow and start to get solid, the people involved begin to enjoy each other.” – John C. Maxwell

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – John C. Maxwell

“Understanding others gives you the potential to influence every area of life, not just the business arena.” – John C. Maxwell

“When they do not understand, they often react by becoming fearful.” – John C. Maxwell

“When fear isn’t a stumbling block, self centeredness often is.” – John C. Maxwell

“Instead of trying to cast others in your image, learn to appreciate their differences. If someone has a talent you don’t have, Great! The two of you can strengthen each others weakness.” – John C. Maxwell

“To foster understanding, think about what your emotions would be if you were in the same position as the person you are interacting with.” – John C. Maxwell

“If you treat every person you meet as if he or she were the most important person in the world, you will communicate that he or she is somebody, to you.” – John C. Maxwell

“People are your greatest assets and your greatest liabilities. The challenge is to keep caring about them no matter what.” – John C. Maxwell

“Faith is essential for building and maintaining all positive relationships, yet it is a scarce commodity today.” – John C. Maxwell

“The reality is that difficulties seldom defeat people; the lack of faith in themselves usually does.” – John C. Maxwell

“With a little faith in themselves, people can do miraculous things.” – John C. Maxwell

“Instead of teaching their children to believe in themselves , some parents are tearing them down.” – John C. Maxwell


“Always remember that your goal is not to get people to think highly of you. It’s to get them to think more highly of themselves.” – John C. Maxwell

“People rise or fall to meet your expectations of them.” – John C. Maxwell

“Believing in people before they have proved themselves is the key to motivating people to reach their potential.” – John C. Maxwell

“Success is a journey, a process, not a destination.” – John C. Maxwell

“To really become motivated, people need to believe they will win.” – John C. Maxwell

“You can’t move people to action unless you first move them with emotion. The heart comes before the head.” – John C. Maxwell

“Treat every person as if they are the most important person in the world.” – John C. Maxwell

“I learned a long time ago that it is a waste of time to try to sell real answers to anyone who just wants to buy echoes.” – John C. Maxwell

“To become a good listener you have to want to hear.” – John C. Maxwell

“If you show people how much you care and you ask question in a nonthreatening way, you will be amazed by how much they tell you.” – John C. Maxwell

“When your words and actions match, people know they can trust you.” – John C. Maxwell

“Your circumstances are as responsible for your character as a mirror is for your looks. Who you see only reflects who you are.” – John C. Maxwell

“If a good reputation is like gold, then having integrity is like owning the mine.” – John C. Maxwell

“In the end, you can bend your actions to conform to your principles, or you can bend your principles to conform to your actions.” – John C. Maxwell

“Succeed at home and all other relationships become easier.” – John C. Maxwell

“The positive intake of love, affection and respect… gives you inner resources to deal with life more successfully.” – John C. Maxwell

“It is true that those who would be great must be like the least and the servant of all.” – John C. Maxwell

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