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My 6 Favorite Self Care Tips


Self Care is such a big deal now a days. There is so much uncertainty especially with everything from the Pandemic, Politics and the Economy, I just felt as if my self care could use a much needed boost.

In my self care routine, I certainly have a ton of tools in my tool belt. The tips I’m going to share today are few but are perhaps my favorite self care tools that I am consistent in using.

So checkout Top 6 Favorite Self Care Tips

Speaking Fondly…

Words are powerful. Words are so powerful, they create entire worlds both seen and unseen. So don’t be so hard on yourself and be kind to yourself. Love yourself more than anyone else. Demonstrate that love with your thoughts and your words. & Eventually, whatever you speak, shall be so.

A Bubble Bath…

Oooh… if you are like me, then you will absolutely love this one. I love a good bubble bath. I usually get me some candles, maybe a white wine or a Moscato, soothing music, a quality bubble bath and bomb. I’m telling you, I feel like I’m on a whole other planet when I do this. I feel so far away and at peace that a bubble bath will set me up for a great week.

Listening To Music…

Listening to music to reflect, unwind, relax, focus, sleep, is a very common self care tool. Music can assist us in identifying so many different emotions that lay within. Music has the power to heal the soul.

Getting Into The Sun…

I love the sun. When I am down I would get out into the sun. I enjoy the mountains, hiking, or simply getting my bare feet into some grass. This helps to ground me and remind my spirit of where I come from.

Being Still…

Being in solitude is often times the best Self Care one can give themselves. Solitude allows one to remain focused on their goals and their destiny. Solitude allows space for creativity and evolution. When we are in solitude, we tend to accomplish more in our lives, we tend to reflect more, we tend to learn our selves. Solitude is a self care tool that often goes neglected.


A common phrase you will see throughout The Fashion Frenze corner of the internet is “When you look Good, You Feel Good.” Well I would go even so far to say that “When You Look Good, You Feel Even Better!” Go get your nails done or your hair did. Go get that new item for your wardrobe You’ve been wanting so bad. You deserve to feel good.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Maybe next time, I will share all of my self care tips but until then, I wish you well. XOXO

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