Did You Receive Your Product From The Official Her Team?

Hey Fashion Friends.

Do I have some news for you?!

I received a package today from Girls Inc containing the “Empowered” necklace I paid for at least two months ago. In fact, outside of the comments you all write, I often forget that I’ve even purchased a product from the Girl’s Inc Website.

Now, I never thought I’d give you all this update as I still have mixed feelings about @OfficialHerTeam. I have yet to speak with any one regarding my package. Nor has @TheOfficialHerTeam responded to any of my emails regarding the package that suddenly appeared.


On the flipside, I really like the necklace. The necklace feels to be decent quality. An upgrade from what you might find at your local hair store or some online wholesaler. It says Empowered, which is everything that I embrace. The chain is shorter than I’m used to, but when wearing the necklace, it hangs pefectly.

So with that said, I have an address I want to share with you all:


200 Orleans Rd

P.O. Box 453

North Chatham, MA 02650

Maybe you can help me do some digging on @TheOfficialHerTeam more in depth. I was inspired to check the tracking number on the package I received due to a comment made yesterday and quickly learned my item was indeed in my mailbox. Perhaps the warehouse that holds the products is located here in Colorado? As you can see the address above is simply a P.O.Box.

Wrap Up

Although still a little questionable, To sum it up, I like the product. I’m glad I finally received the product and I sincerely hope you do too. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are. Have you received your package?

That’s all I have for now.

Take Care