How To Build Your Credit Right Now, With No Money Down

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Hey Fashion Friends,

I know right now there is someone out there seeking to fix or build their credit. I am about to share with you a legitimate site that will help in building your credit with absolutely no money down.

I asked quite a few people if they thought building your credit with absolutely no money was possible. Every last one of them thought I was full of it.

Well, I promised that when I saw a credit score update, that I would share the information on my website. I want you all to know that I am not a financial advisor but I do seek to help elevate others so use your discernment when checking it out.

My credit score has gone up by 5 points in my first month of using this credit resource.



KikOff is really unique and a little different than it’s competitors because it is 100% free. When you sign up you will agree to an installment loan of $11 of the course of 12 months. So every month you are agreeing to pay $11 towards that loan.

I’m sure you are not as impressed right.


Let’s just say Kik Off provides you with the $11 every single month to pay towards the KikOff Installment loan while simultaneously building your payment history which makes up 35% of your credit according to Experian.

Now I would say, building credit without needing a credit card quite impressive.

I have only been using this credit building resource since the very end of September. I will make an update here soon, letting you know just how much my score has gone up.

For more information or to get signed up with KikOff click on the website link: Until Next time, Enjoy! 🙂