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6 Amazing Tips That Will Give Your Confidence An Immediate Boost

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What is Self Confidence?

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Self confidence is a force so powerful that speaks before you without you ever saying a word. You can dress up in your most fanciest of clothes, but if you cannot walk with your head held high without tripping over your own feet, your energy will still scream insecurity.

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So how does one build confidence in themselves? Confidence can be easy to imitate from the outside, so long as you have the best teachers to guide you but the true inner work of self confidence has to come from within.

Class, confidence, strength and virtue is the standard set for me growing up. I wanted to share 5 tips that I was taught when I was younger that have helped to cultivate my confidence and ultimately my success.

Here are 5 Applicable Tips To Help Boost Your Confidence Immediately


Sit Up Straight, Walk With Your Head Held High and Shoulders Back

I know this may sound silly in 2020, but the bottom line is, 93% of human communication is non verbal, (The 7% Rule, Fact, Fiction or Misunderstanding, Umbiquity ACM 2011, Phillip Yaffe). Something as small as sitting up straight walking with your head up can really take you from victor to victorious in soo many areas of your life. These are truly life changing, problem preventing mannerisms to become more aware of while in the work place or a social setting.

Look Someone In The Eye While In Conversation

This is another small action that has powerful results. Ever heard the term that looking into one’s eyes is like staring into one’s soul. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. Look into the eyes of the person who is speaking to you. Don’t stare at them, but respect them and yourself enough to not look down or to the side while engaging in conversations as much as you can. The eyes will always reveal what a person is truly striving to convey and what their true intentions are.

While Nervous, Stand Tall and Smile Big

Our mind is so powerful that it creates and plays out scenarios in our mind that have not happened yet, based upon our past experiences. The more we focus our energies onto these scenarios, they tend to become reality. My greatest strength is to fight my fears head on and I do that by using this tactic right here. So while fear or worry consumes you, smile and stand firm even in the midst of a storm. Do not allow what could be stop you from conquering your fear.

Always Be Yourself

Always be yourself. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Sickness and in Health. We marry other people but rarely marry ourselves. Make the commitment to truly love yourself. Self love is not about censoring oneself it’s about living out one’s truth, whatever that may look like for that person. You see? So you must learn to be who you are and not what everyone else says you are or wants you to be. Now that’s the true inner work that ultimately can only come from within, but these tips can certainly bring you closer to achieving it.

Dress Up, Look Good

Dressing up, looking good and smelling good is an automatic confidence boost. You know you look good and therefore can’t nobody tell you nothing. That’s just the attitude that comes with it. Combined with all the other tips I’ve provided thus far, you’ll be radiating in confidence. Understand that what you wear speaks volumes and says a lot about who you are as a person.

Always Be Prepared

I do not believe in luck. I believe in preparation. I believe in “Staying Ready” so to speak. When a person is prepared, their fear levels decrease and their confidence levels increase. Whatever it is, a test, a game, a job interview, preparation will ease your worries, your nervousness and your fears. Preparation paves the way for opportunity.


All of These Concepts Will Help To Build and Strengthen the Confidence Within You as long as you begin to apply them. If I can do it, then so can you!


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