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26 Enchanting Quotes To Help You Align With Your Purpose


“Aligning with yourself, then another and you both aligning yourselves together further in harmony will summon source energy in ways you couldn’t imagine.” – Shalom Melchizedek

“A lot of good work can be accomplished when power and politics are aligned with strategy.” – William Pasmore

“Intention is a conscious choice from within and the mindful exercising of that choice. Intention is personal activism in alignment with our deepest, most peaceful truth and our highest purpose for our greatest good. It is the conscious creation of a soulful life.” – Adrienne Enns

“Choosing your alignment and raising your vibration are your greatest gifts to the planet. Period.” – Peta Kelly

“If my goal is to become a movie star, me working at a pizza shop won’t help me. I have to make the stars align.” – Terrence J

“When you heal the root of lack in your life it allows for transformation to occur so that you can move from a place of holding on to people, situations, and relationships that are out of alignment with your highest vision of your life, to a place of letting go and growth.” – Victoria White

“I realized that if I had to work with others, I had to align with their vision.” – Naveen Tewari

“Visualization is the mind’s eye view of any creation. Every time you visualize and get your thoughts and feelings in alignment with it, that is the time of its manifestation. All that you visualize, can materialize.” – Anand Patwa

“Through real-life stories, Kristin Kaufman illustrates the core idea of being present in the moment and opening oneself up to new ideas in order to become an authentic leader in life.” – Stephen Covey

“Success is not the result of an single quality; it’s about alignment between who you are and where you choose to be.” – Eric Barker

“If an opportunity is not aligned with that matters most to you (your core values), let it pass. The opportunities that don’t make your soul sing, or that you can’t be excited about, just end up taking space where a better opportunity could be. Don’t settle for something fine―wait for something great!” – Leanne Jacobs


“There’s definitely more to me offline than what you see online. Because what I show online is what I want to show to my followers… If I showed everything I did offline, it might not align with some of my other followers around the world.” – Michelle Phan

“Just go in and do your work and be ready for it, because when the stars align and the part is available and everybody in the room is excited… and you deliver, that’s it.” – Sam Lloyd

“When you start doing things that are truly in alignment with what your true self wants, what your soul wants, you flourish and life becomes a lot easier.” – Joel Annesley

“When what you value and dream about doesn’t match the life you are living, you have pain.” – Shannon Alder

“Whatever I ‘align’’ myself with are the very things that will create a ‘line’ into my future.” – Craig D Lounsbrough

“You are just a few laughs away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in. You are just a few kisses away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in. You are just a little bit of relief away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in!” – Abraham Hicks

“Most of us don’t think about miracles that we could possibly do. We don’t have a vocabulary of how God works with the specific things that He does, and we don’t know how to align ourselves with what He is doing so that we can be His vehicle on the earth to deliver a miracle.” – Bruce Wilkinson

“There is no reason good enough for us to ever be out of alignment with Peace, and there is no reason good enough for us to ever be out of alignment with Love.” – Alaric Hutchinson

“I’m not religious, but I do pray. It’s 60 seconds of meditation, visualizing myself, looking at myself, and being conscious of my own consciousness. That will align me for the rest of the day.” – RuPaul


“Love is the force that keeps every part of our lives in property alignment.” – Tony Sorenson

“If our principles are only our principles when it is convenient for us, when they align with our visceral emotional responses, then they are, in fact, not principles at all.” – Clint Smith

“Learning how to be aware of and connected to yourself helps you identify and move toward your ideals in both work and life. This makes you a healthier individual and aligns you with your purpose—however you’ve defined that for yourself.” – Melissa Steginus

“When we align with love and beauty we instantly become the answer to every problem.” – Bryant McGill

“The wounded mind must be reset like a fractured bone. It cannot heal itself without spiritual realignment.” – Anthon St Maarten

“Focus…Focus on the light in the darkness. Focus on the joys in the pain. Focus on the strength in the weakness. Life’s totality is duality. All bad ain’t bad and some good will come with pain. The suffering comes from what we choose to focus on. Feel. Process. Release. And then… Focus.” – Kiera Banks



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