5 Things To Watch Out For When Sought Out For A Brand Ambassadorship


Asking You To Pay For A Fee Or Product Up Front.

Always remember that a genuine Brand Ambassadorship works similar to a Modeling Agency. You are the talent. You are the connection between the Company and those who follow you. Essentially, you are the plug. A legitimate company will provide you the product for free or at a very low cost so that you can then promote the company’s product to your hundreds of thousands of influencers.

Contacting You From An Account Other Than The Official Business or Brand Account.

As pointed out in Is Official Her Team Using Fake Instagram Accounts To Generate Shady Sales? and Is Global Influencer Agency A Scam?, illegitamate companies will strive to connect with you through a fake instagram account or through a different email address. Sometimes the link or company in the email does not match that of the email address you were contacted through.

Lack of Response Any Other Time Outside Of Initial Recruit Process

A lot of these companies will be in your comments and in your DM’s consistently in the beginning when striving to get you on board with their “Ambassadorship Program.” Some of these companies will go so far as to tell you that they can get you into to NYFW runway shows, and have you flying all across the world. Oh yea. Do yourself a favor. Don’t fall for the hype! If that company valued you so much so, then why would you have to pay for the program or a product?

Photos and Content Not Specific To Official Brand.

A lot of these “scam brands” have very vague pictures. What I mean by vague is the pictures could belong to anyone. Let’s take Official Her Team for example, they have included the words Boss Babe in their DM’s but their brand when initially introduced to me was Girls Inc. Boss Babe is indeed a huge online influence. We watched it’s rise online. Yet and still every piece of Boss Babe content was branded with Boss Babe. If you look closely to these accounts such as Global Influencer Agency, their pictures could have been taken anywhere by anyone around the world. There are no direct ties between the photos and the scam brand itself.

Unable to Find Much Information Outside Of The Social Media Account

What did you find on this scam brand outside of Instagram and other Social Media Accounts? If your answer is little to nothing at all, then that should raise a concern for you. Most reputable companies leave a signature footprint all across the internet. Knowing what I know, there is absolutely no way an Instagram account has close to a million followers and not one google site pulls it up? I had a woman from Business Insider contact me regarding my article on GIA (Global Influencer Agency). The very first thing mentioned by her was that there was hardly any information on GIA at all.


A huge take away from all of this is to really keep your eyes open. The opportunity is there for some but if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. Not only is it too good to be true, but always ask yourself, how would Nike or Fenti conduct themselves when seeking Brand Ambassadors? Does everything line up? Investing in yourself and in your brand is very important. Know that if an opportunity is to come and is meant to be it will be.