Is Official Her Team Using Fake Instagram Accounts To Generate Shady Sales?

Is @officialherteam using fake instagram accounts to recruit and prey on women?


Hey Fashion Friends,

I wanted to provide you all with a quick update regarding The Official Her Team. Today, is Saturday Oct, 17th, 2020. At approximately 11:20 am I received another message regarding the Brand Ambassadorship Program. This time the message came from an Ethelene Theriot @ethelenetheriotgd3sqc7 on Instagram. This Instagram Account has 0 Posts, 0 Followers and 0 Following. This is clearly a shady Instagram Account.


We still have yet to hear from Official Her Team the “Women’s Clothing Store promoting empowerment of the ladies.” I made advance and proceeded to ask about my package and suddenly it was like crickets in my inbox. Seems like they are tearing others down more so than bringing them up as I still have yet to receive my Empowerment Necklace.


Tell me what y’all think in the comments below. Do you think @OFFICIALHERTEAM his a scam? Why or why not?


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