Monday, January 18, 2021

@OfficialHerTeam: Two Domains Names That Lead To The Same Store?

Do not be fooled. Just a quick update on @officialherteam!

Hey Fashion Friends,

We are back with another quick update on @officialherteam on instagram. Official Her Team uses two domain names. So please be weary of this if reapproached by Official Her Team. We at The Fashion Frenze cannot yet verify if Official Her Team is an actual company so we want to be certain our readers are aware of the tricks they may have up their sleeves to get you to buy in.

We noticed the on Instagram Account @OFFICIALHERTEAM there is a website link in the bio. The current link as of today, October 17th, 2020 takes us to the domain name of http://www.officialherteam.com

When just a few months ago, the same link in the bio took us to domain name http://www.officialgirlsinc.com. Both domains, essentially take us to the exact same place. Now ask yourself, when you go to shop at a reputable company, let’s take Macy’s perhaps. Have you ever had to use a completely different domain name to get to the Macy’s online website???

Once again nothing about this screams normal.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below! Is @officialherteam a scam? Why or why not?



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  • love your content! keep up the great work!

  • Hi This Happened to me exactly. I was reached out and to me it was very fishy as well. First of all, a person shouldn’t have to Pay to be a Brand Ambassador. So naive of me, since I work with brand ambassadors for clients. But on that particular day I was in a uplifting mood. Second red flag, I asked them which charities they donate to, they said “all over the world”. A company will pride themselves on who they partner with. So that is another red flag. They reached out from an un empty instagram profile with fishy names. In the shipping label (which is printed only) not actually shipped. They list a Colorado address. I searched for businesses registered in CO and couldn’t find theirs. What I am surprised the most is how do they even get people for their instagram page? Anyways I reached out to my bank and report them.

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