32 Designer Quotes From Telfar Clemens


“Black directors are getting their movies made at a rate that is completely historic; artists getting solo shows; historic black artists see their work suddenly exploding in value after being ignored.” – Telfar Clemens

 “I can’t hate on anybody. I think fashion is a conversation. If you have a cell phone, you have an opinion about fashion—that’s the world we live in.” – Telfar Clemens

“It felt much bigger than just winning money, but a new kind of acceptance and nod to the core values of the brand and the type of people it represents.” – Telfar Clemens

“But when it comes down to things being taught about how to do stuff, I’d rather try it and fail, or succeed and know about it.” – Telfar Clemens

“And actually bring really cool people and friends of ours to do cool things.” – Telfar Clemens

“People are proud about that bag—it means something to people.” – Telfar Clemens

“This show is really about bypassing these outside narratives and doing our own thing—and also bringing together a group of contemporaries who are part of this moment and doing something together that is essentially withheld from view.” – Telfar Clemens

“You get so much flack for trying to be conceptual in America.” – Telfar Clemens

“We are coming on 15 years—we are just going to do what we do.” – Telfar Clemens

“What we are really proud of is getting tagged in the most random cities in, like, Tennessee. We owe its success to the people who buy it—because we don’t do any real marketing for it.” – Telfar Clemens

“We walk the line between art and fashion. It’s definitely not either/or. But I would say it’s a mix of those two things.” – Telfar Clemens

“I want to go to the party where I don’t have to wear a shirt.” – Telfar Clemens

“I’m lucky enough to have really talented, smart friends, and they’ve always contributed and added to the dialogue of what my work means, and what their work means in the world.” – Telfar Clemens


“Never studied fashion. It’s a very African family expectation of “anything creative doesn’t make money.” – Telfar Clemens

“I think people are doing things they believe in and just trying to be cooler than they were before.” – Telfar Clemens

“The challenge is that we are crossing a ton of different creative disciplines and industries and doing it in ways that is wrong in terms of professional norms.” – Telfar Clemens

“I think culture just totally shifted. Our tastes are I guess what people are receptive to.” – Telfar Clemens

“Our company motto is literally, ‘Not for you, for everyone.’” – Telfar Clemens

“You get so much flack for trying to be conceptual in America. Whereas it’s celebrated in Europe. But I don’t know. I would just be putting out stupid shit if it actually wasn’t a conceptual brand. It just needs to be new.” – Telfar Clemens

 “I can’t really compare my experiences with any American tale. I guess I’m making up my own story.” – Telfar Clemens


 “I don’t know if it’s reality TV, or maybe it’s because of the Internet, but it just seems like people are on the same page of thinking about how the world should work. We’re more PC in the way we deal with situations, more knowledgeable about social etiquette, and more level-headed.” – Telfar Clemens

“I would say any tourist attraction is overrated. When I go somewhere, I’m like, ‘take me to where people go every single day.‘” – Telfar Clemens

“More people are actually giving us that kind of validation – they want to come and see what we have to offer.” – Telfar Clemens

“It was a concert. We want to start having experiences instead of shows.” – Telfar Clemens

“It’s a thing money can’t buy. Friendships and solidarities; constant text messages and conversation—the risks that we take; the trust and kinship.” – Telfar Clemens

“I think people are actually getting to do what they want to do and not penny-pinching and kicking themselves after because they spent all their money.” – Telfar Clemens

“We are just inviting people to have dinner. There’s no specific ‘ask’—we are building an all-in-one dinner table / runway / stage and rehearsal space/conversation pit. So that whatever happens, happens. It’s an experiment also in just not planning a show at all, or not privileging the visible part of the show.” – Telfar Clemens

 “I think we just do what we believe in. It’s a mix of funny things and good things. And bad things.” – Telfar Clemens

“It’s nice to be given the chance, and I’m opening the door a little bit toward my goal of just doing what I do.” – Telfar Clemens

“I’m always American, but there are really cool things going on in a lot of other places.” – Telfar Clemens

“There aren’t too many places where you can get a $100 luxury product.” – Telfar Clemens



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