33 Artistic Quotes From Fashion Designer, Kerby Jean Raymond



“All it took was one conversation to know that Reebok was the right home for our team.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“Financing is always the hard part, especially if you don’t have friends or family to back you, which was my case and the case for most designers.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“All clothes are worn on the street, but ‘streetwear’ had once described T-shirt brands and skate-inspired brands, and now it’s just a lazy innuendo used to describe clothing made by designers that the establishment deems ‘less than.'” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“We need to think forward and keep making America greater. Not that old America, again.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I was going to college on a full scholarship. I graduated summa cum laude. I was always on the dean’s list. I was never a kid that started any kind of trouble.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“One of the things about runways that I hate is that you can’t accommodate so many people because you don’t have those in-and-out privileges where people can come and go.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“With things that I’m going through, whether they be on a small scale or a large scale, I’m thinking, ‘Who else is going through this? And how can I address it and bring it to light to help someone else?'” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“In my shows, I always try to incorporate music because it’s the most natural way to set a tone. So if I want to do a show about depression, I use the opera. If I want to do a show about greed, I use spoken word. If I want to do a show about the injustice that’s taking place in the world, I might play Sam Cooke.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“The work of black creatives seems to always get undermined in one way or another, and that’s what this new generation is actively changing by speaking up. We aren’t accepting group categorization and group classifications to describe our work anymore – it just leads to group dismissal.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond


“I think that when you rally powerful voices around powerful issues, what you get are positive results.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I design for social media. My customer reads blogs, is on social media, so I design with contrast in mind. An all-black shirt looks good on the shelf but not online.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I hope that people who don’t believe depression is a real thing will stop calling people crazy, because that’s dismissive and not a medical diagnosis.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“If I’m going to be the black designer, I’m going to tell it my way.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“All my collections are based on something I like or something I’m dealing with. They are always deeply personal.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“Nobody can shut the door in your face if you own the door.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“The way I was raised, you get a new pair of sneakers when the old one gets messed up. But when I got to high school, I started dating girls and trying to fit in, and I realized everybody was collecting Jordans. When I would get my paychecks, I wouldn’t even take money. I would just trade them for sneakers.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“If you put the collections together, whether it’s Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, or whomever, sometimes they do streetwear, but they’re never called that. They’re always called ‘sportswear’ or ‘high-end’ or ‘luxury.’ I feel like I’m tossed into that streetwear category so that I don’t exist in this space.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“If you’re on the fence about speaking your truth or sharing your world with a greater audience, don’t be. We need each other badly.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“The world absolutely needs your voice.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“We don’t need to go back in time and make America great again, because really, America was only great for certain people.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“Music has always been my first love, and I appreciate how a great musician can bring awareness to tough issues through their work.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I’ve always felt like an outcast. My aesthetic is very high-end, but I still get classified as streetwear. There’s really no other reason for than other than my age, the way I look, and where I’m from.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond


“I want to be fashion’s Erykah Badu. What I admire about her is her timelessness and her fearless approach.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“We’re constantly having to go head-to-head with the Bernie Madoffs of the world who just want more and more money.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“‘Bernie versus Bernie,’ for me, is these two extremes of capitalism. It’s Bernie Sanders, the ultimate socialist, and Bernie Madoff, the ultimate capitalist.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“My dad was always so strict that I was scared to speak to him. Haitian parents are very, ‘This is adults’ business; this is kids’ business.'” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I grew up thinking my father was tacky. There was no color coordination. It was whatever was cool. ‘These sweatpants are cool. I’ll wear them with these shoes that are cool.’ He had less inhibitions. I wasn’t respectful of his swag then.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“My earliest memories of defying my parents were through music. I remember rap being banned in my house, and then getting a Cam’ron album.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“A president’s power is limited. We need to vote down the ballot as well, from your councilman all the way up to your governors and congressman.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I was going to college on a full scholarship. I graduated summa cum laude. I was always on the dean’s list. I was never a kid that started any kind of trouble.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“A lot of us who are creative and have all these great ideas just don’t have the money to do it.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond

“Our first fiscal year, we were profitable.”- Kerby Jean-Raymond

“I’ve never seen Ralph Lauren, Rick Owens, or Raf Simons described as white designers. They are just designers.” – Kerby Jean-Raymond