Ambassador Program: Is The Official Her Team A Scam Or Not?

Quick Update 12-15: Brand Ambassadorship: @TheOfficialHer Team Updates I wish this was a positive review. Unfortunately, it is not. I was asked to become a Brand Ambassador for The [...]

43 Stylish Quotes From Miuccia Prada

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“Fashion fosters cliches of beauty, but I want to tear them apart.” – Miuccia Prada “Talking about the democratization of fashion is just one of the many trite things [...]

Amazon Launches Online Luxury Stores via App

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Every business is adapting to the “new normal”, with some businesses ahead of the race. Once again, it looks like Amazon has done it again. Amazon recently launched it’s [...]

The Fashion Frenze: Wardrobe Shopping Survey

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey. Please leave us feedback regarding this survey down in the comments below. [...]

The 2020 CFDA Fashion Awards: Winners & Nominees

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2020 has completely changed the way businesses do business and the CFDA Fashion awards, sponsored by Klarna, is no exception. Tom Ford, chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers [...]

53 Astounding Quotes To Help You Keep Your Faith

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At The Fashion Frenze we believe that Fashion is Inspiration. We use our platform to inspire through the lense of fashion. With everything happening in our Country and across [...]

55 Brilliant Quotes on How To Be More Diplomatic

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“Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.” – Isaac Newton “We must continue to pursue peace through diplomacy, but we must also not shrink [...]

Art Of War: 37 Courageous Quotes By Sun Tzu

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#fashioninspired #SunTzu #inspirationalquotes The Fashion Frenze | Quotes | Inspirational Quotes | 37 Strong & Courageous Quotes by Sun Tzu (the art of war) Given the very nature in [...]
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