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Ambassador Program: Is The Official Her Team A Scam Or Not?

Quick Update 12-15: Brand Ambassadorship: @TheOfficialHer Team Updates


I wish this was a positive review. Unfortunately, it is not. I was asked to become a Brand Ambassador for The Girls Inc aka The Official Her Team in the middle of August. I was reluctant to join, however after speaking with the owner Megan and doing some research on the company, I figured why not give them a shot.


Being that The Fashion Frenze is all about Inspiration and Empowering those who support our page and brand, we thought The Girls Inc was right up our alley in terms of positive brand imaging. So I purchased an Empowerment Necklace from the website. Sent my order back to Meghan and began waiting for the product to be shipped.

Now I was told the product would be shipped in 7 days. Negative. The product still to this very day has not crossed my mailbox or my emails since the order confirmation. In fact, it doesn’t even seem like my order went out for processing at all as I received no other email updates regarding my order. It has now been 30 days.

I reached out to the company on every platform. Still no response. Like no response at all. I’ve been speaking to a wall regarding any info regarding my product that I purchased. No customer service, just radio silence.


So in my conclusion, The Girls Inc or The Official Her Team is not at all a company we recommend. Great customer service is everything and when a business cannot provide at the bare minimum a response… it show the lack of integrity that business has. So I’m out of what $25 to $30 for a product that costs $4 on AliExpress. I never received the product. And being that I was asked to do a Brand Ambassadorship Program, I decided to do a review on the company through my platform as 30 days is way too long to go without a response in this situation.



  • Literally just had this happen to me. I think they must have been running a scam last month and it finally caught up to them. I’m not happy about being out the money and will be putting negative reviews everywhere online possible. Thank you for writing this post so that it gets the word out that these people shouldn’t be trusted.

    • Hi Kate,

      I am terribly sorry that you have had to go through this. Thank you for leaving a comment. I felt helpless in my situation with them. So I decided to do what was in my control to bring full awareness to the situation as best as I can.

  • I purchased $80.50 worth of stuff from this company as I, too was asked to be a brand ambassador. I thought it looked like a good thing to be a part of. WRONG…..I got a shipping confirmation on 9/1 with a USPS tracking number showing the label had been printed. Nothing since. I’ve sent 4 emails and instant messaged the “owner” on FB with no reply. I believe this is a total scam. I will be disputing the charge with my credit card company tomorrow. So disappointed….

    I got a DM on Instagram from a seemingly new account asking me to be an ambassador for them.
    I was hesitant, but I sent a reply asking if their offer legitimate (to which they responded almost IMMEDIATELY, so they should have NO problem getting back to their customers about the long waiting times for the items they ordered).
    I checked out their profile and saw a lot of people follow/support them, but I was still a little sus.
    Good thing I trusted my gut instincts and checked the reviews of them first.

    • Hi, thank you for leaving a comment.
      Yes the fact that it’s been over 30 days, and I still haven’t gotten a response from this company says a whole lot. You are better off sending your money somewhere else.

    • I’m so happy I did a little research into this before placing an order!! I’m all for women supporting women and it sucks that someone is just trying to capitalize in such a shady way :(. I’m sorry for everyone who had lovely intentions and got scammed, thank you for publishing this article.

  • I had the same thing happen to me! Almost exactly as you described it. I am reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau. I am so mad at myself for not trusting my instincts and falling for this trick. They reached out to me via private message on Instagram asking if I would purchase one of their products, then once it arrived to take a photo of me wearing the shirt and send it in so they could possibly use it for the brand campaign. I asked which organizations they donate the money to for supporting women, but they did not respond. After I purchased the shirt, I received the same email that it would arrive in 7-10 business days, but now it has been over 30 days and the USPS tracking label shows that it is still in Denver. I emailed all of their customer service addresses for help and wrote to them on Instagram as well, and have not heard a single thing back. Like someone else on here said, they responded so quickly to me when they first reached out that one would logically think they have ample customer service to respond readily, but that is clearly not the case! Her Team Official is a scam.

    • Thank You Marisa for your comment. I still have not heard back in regards to my package. The Her Team did however manage to send me a new promo code for their newly released products though!

  • Thank you for posting this. It did seem a bit off.

  • Thank you for posting. I just received a DM from them on instagram and thought it was a little suspicious. I am glad I did a simple google search and came across your post. It saves me the headache and money..

  • Literally I am so glad that I googled this! They just reached out to me today, and I also thought it was a little fishy, as I have very few instagram followers, and barely know how/ even ever use instagram, but I figured what was the harm in returning their messages?
    Anyways, I was a little worried that the company might not be inclusive of women belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, so I asked them that in their direct message, and they never answered that or any of my other questions. That’s when I started to get suspicious that they might be a bot or I’m not even sure what else!
    That’s when I decided to google the company to try and find some answers, thank goodness I stumbled upon this post before I spent any money or started advertising their company on my instagram!!
    Thank you to everyone here for saving me from that!!

  • I had also received a message about being an ambassador with a 30% discount code and I showed it to my step mom because she likes item such as the ones on their page and spend $40 and hast received anything either. She emailed them and is going to try to contact them on instagram. my father just retired from the navy after 20 years and will most likely make sure they get their money back, but its just cruel how people can do that. Im also a minor and they reached out to me.

  • Hello everyone!!! I have emailed them 4 times as well. I am so disappointed in this company. I have emailed them, IG messaged them, I am going to go my credit card as well and try and get it off. I am really disappointed that they are using a platform around female empowerment. I am going to begin writing on all their IG that they are scam as well in hopes of this not happening to other like ourselves.

  • I feel so stupid! I did not investigate at all before I fell into the web and placed an order for over $50 in early September, it is now Nov. 7, 2020. I’ve emailed, commented, messaged the company with no replies. I am getting emails with new product releases from them. Crazy. I will be reporting them to the FCC and Better Business Bureau.

  • SCAM. Absolute scam. The bots that respond to email or social media messages (if you’re lucky enough to hear from them) automatically respond to anything you say with information about how to be an ambassador. The website is also covered in spelling errors, and most of the people responding to their social media posts are also bots. My package never left Massachusetts that I ordered 5 months ago. I wrote a review about them on Facebook and then they blocked me. I ordered from them like three rebrands ago, when it was called “TheBossBabesCo”. Ugh. Sorry this happened to you too.

  • The product is pretty but it’s certainly not worth 47 dollars! I would understand if it was for a good cause and if some proceeds actually went to a charity that supports womens empowerment for example. I know they mentioned that about 25% goes to charity, however I can’t seem any legitimate proof of this whilst doing my research online. I would like to know exactly which charities the money goes to, apparently…..

    I was disappointed to receive messages from the manager of ‘officialherteam’ almost instantly when I initially showed interest. However, as soon as I bought the product, it was almost like I wasn’t their problem anymore. I didn’t really receive any replies/ further messages from them. In my case, it was someone called Sophia that initially dealt with my interest. They are strangely good at getting you to buy their product, so full marks for that!

    I am annoyed that you are unfortunately scamming many people with these methods. I won’t be asking for my money back but I would like you guys to reconsider your branding methods (and morals for that matter). Whilst the premise is good, giving people a false hope of ‘winning’ a shout-out opportunity as a way of making ridiculous profits really makes me question your morals.

  • So, I gave them a try and I actually received the item and it was a good quality, like I wear the sweatshirt I bought everyday (that is it clean). I am sorry to see all the stories of people not getting their products. 🙁 I wish I knew more about them, but they come across as a scam, but I still got my product and liked it….

  • Carmen Fisher Risi November 23, 2020 At 8:45 pm

    Just got the same ambassador invitation from them. I replied and immediately got a conversational response from them. I was, of course, suspicious because I had never heard of them before, I don’t think I have that many followers or that outstanding of an account, and there wasn’t that much variety in what the models were actually wearing. I tried to go to their website to investigate more and got a warning pop-up that said they are suspected of being the type of website that gains your trust and then scams you. I immediately googled them and came upon your review. I’m sorry they got your money but I am so grateful you shared your story and have allowed a space for others to share as well – this information is greatly needed!

  • I just got the same ambassador invite! Thank you so much for posting this!

  • rochelleeileen0913 November 26, 2020 At 7:01 am

    I got approached to be a brand ambassador for HER Team through a direct message on instagram, and I should have known it was a red flag right away because they said my pictures were amazing and just what they were looking for in a BA. My account is private. I was feeling good that day though so I didn’t think much of it, the second red flag should have been when I needed to purchase something before they started sending me things to be a brand ambassador for them. Like why should I have to use my own money? I placed an order on 9/19/2020, got an email saying it was shipped on 9/28/2020; I just received my package this past Monday 11/23/2020. This was after I emailed several different email addresses explaining my frustrations and would go days sometimes a week without hearing anything, until finally I said enough is enough I want my money back. I had photographic proof that they had just sent the order form to USPS and not my items on 9/28/2020; and then they tried blaming it on the postal service until I showed them the proof that I had. So i definitely would be careful if you are approached by someone claiming to work for HER Team and definitely do your research before agreeing to be a brand ambassador for them.

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