Amazon Launches Online Luxury Stores via App

Every business is adapting to the “new normal”, with some businesses ahead of the race. Once again, it looks like Amazon has done it again. Amazon recently launched it’s new luxury stores where high end, luxury brands will be able to sell their products and market them to the masses.

Alex Bolden, Oscar De La Renta’s CEO, has stated during an interview with Geek Wire, that it makes sense for a luxury label to work with the world’s largest online retailer.

“This idea that you don’t want to speak to a customer where she’s spending a lot of her time is a mistake,” Bolen said, in his interview with Geek Wire.

So I bet you are wondering, well how am I going to know how the garment fits? These online luxury shops are said to have 360° models to assist the customer in their purchase decision.

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