Quick List: 60 Activities To Immediately Nurture Your Soul

Content Created By Sia Ra – Courtesy of The Fashion Frenze

Here are 60 Activities that can really help you to feel good, right now.

  1. Be Yourself.
  2. Appreciate every part of your body.
  3. Accept every aspect of your personality.
  4. Write a list of positive affirmations.
  5. Fast.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Forgive yourself.
  8. Forgive others.
  9. Take a bubble bath.
  10. Take nap.
  11. Take a long shower.
  12. Sit by a river and reflect.
  13. Mediate.
  14. Exercise.
  15. Go for a walk.
  16. Volunteer in your community.
  17. Dress up.
  18. Give back to someone.
  19. Write a gratitude list.
  20. Go to bed early.
  21. Light candles.
  22. Take responsibility and control of your life.
  23. Drink some tea.
  24. Create a Vision Board.
  25. Write your goals down.
  26. Keep yourself a journal.
  27. Tackle your goals.
  28. Get outdoors.
  29. Enjoy the sun.
  30. Remind yourself you are worthy.
  31. Clean up and De-clutter your living space.
  32. Pray.
  33. Breathe deeply.
  34. Dance!
  35. Have a spa day!!!
  36. Plan a girl’s day!
  37. Hug yourself tight!
  38. Tell yourself, “I Love You.”
  39. Stop caring what people think about you.
  40. Read a book.
  41. Get a massage.
  42. Binge watch a show.
  43. Listen to your intuition.
  44. Learn to sit in silence.
  45. Get your hair done.
  46. Paint your nails.
  47. Focus on the current moment.
  48. Go for a bike ride.
  49. Try something new.
  50. Sage & spiritually cleanse your surroundings.
  51. Attend a therapy session.
  52. Reach out to someone you love.
  53. Get some tacos.
  54. Cook a good meal.
  55. Go out with friends.
  56. Laugh!
  57. Believe in yourself!
  58. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but never done.
  59. Cheer yourself on!
  60. Invest in yourself and your dreams!

The Fashion Frenze

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