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Tips & Tricks: How To Strut In Heels Like A Runway Model


Okay. So, we are just gonna keep it real here. How you walk in heels can either make or break your entire outfit. Not knowing how to walk in heels is equivalent to a baby fawn learning to walk for the first time and it’s not cute.

If you are going to wear heels, with your outfit, be sure to read these tips to help boost your catwalk while out in public…

1. Boost Your Sexy

Walking in heels requires confidence. A confidence that is so strong, others get turned on just by looking at you. One way in which I suggest you boost this confidence within you, is by coordinating an outfit that is the perfect combination between classy and sexy! This will increase your confidence by 100%, just like that!

2. Get Posture Perfect

Posture is perhaps the most important part to wearing heels. I cannot stress this enough. When you put on a heel, you must walk with your shoulders back and head held high… other wise, you might as well wear flats!!!

3. Break Em’ In

Every pair of heels I’ve owned have always broke them in. The thinner the heal the more so. I wear them around the house or to a friends house, etc. I want to be sure that the very moment I choose to truly stunt in my heels, I’m strutting like a runway model.

4. Take Baby Steps

This will be your life saver. Take smaller steps so that you can maintain balance while walking. If you have an escort with you, holding on to their arm, can also be a secret weapon for maintaining your balance while walking.

5. One Foot In Front

Every girl should know that while wearing heels, she should always keep one foot in front of the other, giving here that perfect silhouette that makes the runway model, just that, a runway model.

6. Ball To Heel

Ladies, when walking, lead with the ball of your foot and come down on your heel. Remember step with the ball of your foot then, come down on your heel. Ball of foot first, heel second.

7. Chin Up Butter Cup

Always remember to check your chin level. Your chin should always be up. It’s okay to look down every once in a while, but keeping your chin up will help maintain your stride. Try to keep in mind the good old walking with books on your head technique. This is what I think of when I say ‘Chin Up!’

8. Thin Vs Thick

Know when and where to wear thin and thick heels. If you are going to be in a grassy area, a thicker heel may work best for you. Ultimately, discernment of which type of heel to wear will consist in determining your destination.

9. Practice Makes Perfect

Well if all else fails, no matter what you do, you know the old saying is true. Practice makes perfect.

10. Make Sure It Fits

Last but not least, make sure your heels fit accordingly. If you have a wider foot, invest in a wider size. If you have a narrow foot, perhaps invest in a smaller size, depending on the heel. This will allow for your heels to be more comfortable as you wear them through out your day.

Well that’s all we have for you today! Don’t forget to share with family and friends and/or like our page. XoXo

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