Visit The Nihi Sumba Island On The Edge of Wilderness

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The Nihi Sumba Island Resort is one of the world’s most luxurious resorts located off the coast of Sumba, Indonesia; a one hour flight from Bali, a province of Indonesia. Nihi Sumba Island is the perfect romantic getaway.

With 11 different villa styles, the resort maintain it’s position that they focus on every detail in your room, thus focusing on creating an amazing and liberating experience for each of their guests. Each room consists of a breathtaking view of the vass blue ocean and a mini bar filled with hand made chocolates.


If you can get away from the relaxing villas and all their ammentities, The Nihi Sumba Island has over a dozen activities for all. From yoga, to horseback riding, to making a visit to The Sumba Island Chocolate Factory, you can never get bored at the Nihi Sumba Island.

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