Learn How To Fashionably Wear A Suit 101

Wearing a suit properly can make a huge difference in the way you look in a suit. Suits and blazers are often worn for many different occasions. We want you to look your very best and impress those around you. Check out our tips below!


The shoulder is arguably the most important part of the suit. The shoulder figmentation should always be flat and fit you shoulder perfectly. The shoulder figment should always end where your arm and shoulder meet. The shoulders should never scrunch up, as they should remain smooth.


The collar of the jacket should always be resting along the backside of your shirt collar, which should be resting along the back of your neck. You want to do your best to ensure the collar is not too tight or too loose prior to seeking adjustments. Collar adjustments can be expensive and time hogging.


Sleeve length, in my opinion, is a minor but major detail that comes with some basic guidelines that can make a huge difference. You never want your sleeves to be too long or too short. Typically, just above the wrist bone is a great length for the cuff to cut off, about a half inch further than the cut off for your jacket.

A great way to know if your sleeves are too short is by lifting your arms up in the air. If the sleeve goes below your wrist bone, the sleeves are too short.



The back of your trousers should always be smooth over your behind. Horizontal lines appear in your trousers when the buttocks when your trousers are to small. Vertical lines will appear when your trousers are too loose and saggy.


To tell if the jacket fits properly you want to try the jacket on. The jacket should always button with ease. If wrinkles begin to appear, the jacket is too small. Your shirt underneath should remain hidden unless for social gatherings, which in that case, a little shirt playing peek a boo from the bottom halves of the jacket is okay.

If the button does not close with ease, save yourself a headache and search for a new jacket.

Your jacket sleeve should always remain evenly alongside your arm. A great fitting jacket sleeve has absolutely no wrinkles or dents.


This is not the place for high waters. You are not expecting a flood here so be sure not to prepare for one. Your trousers should come down to the top of your shoes, providing room for one indent or dimple at in the front of the cuff.

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