3 Fashion Tips On Accessorizing 101

Thank you again for tuning into our little fashion corner on the internet. Today I want to talk about how to incorporate accessories into your outfit. We all know that accessories include handbags, scarves, sunglasses, cell phone cases, jewelry and even shoes. What most of us have a hard time with is coordinating our accessories with the outfit we want to wear.

Today I am going to provide you with tips that you will not find anywhere else. As a fashionista and stylist, I believe that there is an art to styling clothes. Today I want to teach you that art.


By Sia Ra featuring WearAll, Almargo, Charles by Charles David, Michael Kors, Bling Jewelry and IRO

So this is one of the outfits I styled. Every part of this outfit is a separate piece and was wonderfully put together. Every item you see above was strategically used as an accessory. Every item, no matter if it is a top or a pair of earrings can be used to accessorize. The colors are spread out through out the outfit, the orange-brown color stands out the most. The orange-brown compliments the brown in the skirt. The blue top compliments the deep blue color in the skirt. The silver in the earrings compliment the silver as well as the material of the skirt and the zipper found in the top. Keep in mind, brown is a color that is sparsely used in the skirt which is why I chose to make the orange-brown the primary color in accessories. The handle of the back matches the color of the shoes. I chose this specific bag because the less orange-brown color the better. I did not want to overwhelm this specific outfit with orange as it would not have the same alluring effects as it does now.

A fashion look by Sia Ra featuring Trina Turk, Miu Miu, Michael Kors and H&M

I love dresses because of the simplicity of wearing a dress. Dresses are comfortable and easy to put on. The awesome thing about a dress is that if you chose the right one, you don’t have to do much to look your very best. Now, this is a situation where the purse and heels are not the exact color of the red and pink in the dress, however, they match. I used a different shade of read, or pink which is why I was able to pull this dress off. I chose a necklace to adorn the dress because it is simple. The green gem brings about consistency with the green that is in the dress. Plus in an outfit such as this, you don’t want to add too much. The floral pattern and bright colors do the talking for you. You want to be as light on the accessories as possible.

A fashion look by Sia Ra featuring Lattori, Lipsy, Clare V. and Vera Bradley

Now I absolutely adore this outfit. The colors remind me of the beach. This outfit is unique because of the usage of bold colors and patterns. The color combination, I found works with accessories too. The hat is dark blue, the same color as the bag and the bottom of the skirt of the dress. I found that adding only a dash of salmon in the accessories was just enough because the majority of the dress is salmon. What I’d really like to point out is the striped white and blue hat. The hat is of bold pattern of white stripes adding a little flair to this elegant outfit.

I love to mix and match patterns because I never know what I will come up with. I provide a style that cannot be found anywhere else. We at The Frenze call it the 360° style. Stay tuned in for more.


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