Hotel Teatro: A 5 Diamond Luxury Hotel 5,280 Miles Above Sea Level

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Hotel Teatro is a luxury hotel located in the beating heart of Downtown Denver across the Denver Center of Performing Arts. Hotel Teatro occupies the Denver Tramway Building which was built in 1911. ‘Teatro’ means ‘theatre’ in Italian. Hotel Teatro features 109 luxury boutique rooms which mostly contain a immaculate view of Downtown Denver. The 4 Diamond Boutique Hotel has been named one of the “Top Hotels in the World” by Expedia. Hotel Teatro provides a wide variety of experiences in order to satisfy their customers, as well as 24 hour room service, pet pampering and wellness programming. Another great thing about Hotel Teatro is that it contains one of the hottest restaurants in the the Mile High, -The Nickel.

We recommend Hotel Teatro because of the unique boutique theme that Hotel Teatro has taken on. It’s absolutely beautiful, located right in the culture of downtown. Shopping centers, Spas, Nightclubs,the top dispensaries and delicious restaurants are all around this hotel, for miles on end.



Have you ever been to Hotel Teatro? If so, we’d love to hear of your experiences in the comments below.


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