How I Reached 100k Monthly Views On Pinterest in 30 Just 30 Days

How I reached 103k monthly views in less than 30 days.

Okay, so I reached a 100k monthly views on Pinterest. Big Deal, right! I’ve got 22 followers, 90 pins and 103k monthly views, and about 3,500 of those views engage with the pins I’ve posted.

Nuts right?! I know… I thought so myself.

The reason a commercial during the Super Bowl cost so much to run is because of the amount of viewer watching that commercial at that particular time. Although a 100k may not seem like a lot among billions, 100k views in less than 30 days is quite impressive.

Here are 3 tips to help you reach 100k monthly views or more in just less than 30 days


Tailor your profile to a specific niche.

For instance, I run a fashion boutique called, “The Frenze” or, “The Frenze Fashion Boutique,” also known as “The FFB.” With out advertising, my site has reached a mile stone in its sales and has seen an increase in its Email Subscribers. Yes, we are a fashion boutique, but a boutique that specializes in the handpicking of certain items such as dresses or lingerie. The Frenze does not sell jeans, jackets, etc. So be sure your business specializes in something. This is your niche.


Pin or share other people’s pins.

Pinterest has always had this in their algorithm. It is my personal belief that it is the constant pinning and sharing of pins that makes Pinterest such a powerful social media tool. A quick way to get people to notice your pins is to post a few pins here and there that are not yours, but of those you follow.


Pin Regularly… But very seldomly..

Pinterest is not Instagram. Posting regularly will keep your viewers entertained, but you don’t want to saturate Pinterest with your pins. Posting to Pinterest once a day will do the trick and keep your viewers in suspense which will keep them coming back for more.


So are monthly views on Pinterest worth paying attention to or should they be disregarded?

If you ask me, the answer is yes.

Pinterest monthly views are worth raising and keeping an eye on. In just less than 30 days, 98% of my store traffic comes from Pinterest. With only 22 followers, I would say that is a great thing. Sales have risen as a result and those on my mailing list are not actually following The Frenze on Pinterest. You want your views to be high so your engagement can rise. The more eyes to see your business, the more chances you have to convert your viewer into a life time consumer.


What are your thoughts? Leave your comments down below!