Self Love is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

A good friend once told me that a man should love me how my daughter loves me and more importantly I should love me how my daughter loves me because children love their parents unconditionally. Unconditional love is the key.

– Sia Ra

Self Love is not something that comes with instant gratitude. Learning to truly love one’s self is a process, a journey where the world presents new knowledge and opportunities to begin to practice and assert self love into our lives.

My self love journey started in November 2018. My journey started with my decision to be celibate. I wanted to be celibate initially out of pure anger for my previous relationship but as I began to understand the value of my celibacy, I chose to really delve into learning to love myself.

There’s an AMAZING POWER which comes from being able to walk away from people and situations that no longer SERVE you and/or PURPOSE. There’s an AMAZING POWER in the ABILITY to STAND UP for one’s self in an age where standing up for yourself is looked down upon. There is an AMAZING POWER in setting and establishing BOUNDARIES and LEARNING to LET GO when RESPECT is no longer being served.

SELF LOVE is so much more than that. HEALING from past trauma and pain is a huge part of loving one’s self. Taking the time to eliminate and/or work through toxic behaviors within oneself. Self Love is developing compassion for both your positive and negative attributes so as to say, STANDING IN YOUR TRUTH.

My journey of SELF LOVE has not been easy. It is a concept we love to talk about but much harder to put into practice. I broke my celibacy after seven months, to a person from my past who was extremely selfish and who undervalued who I was as a woman, while demanding I give him the world. I was mentally and emotionally abused, mistreated and after a month and a half, I chose to walk away from this individual and have not looked back.

I sincerely believe God was testing me. God wanted to see if I understood my own value. God wanted to see if I would stay in a situation where respect was no longer being served or if I would check out. This time, after a month and a half, I stacked my chips, called it quits and moved on.

As a result, my life has completely blossomed into something beautiful. The people in my life are absolutely amazing individuals whom are dependable and reliable. My business and brand has begun to take off. I’m mentally free from having to hide who I am in order to make other people happy. I am free. There is a level of confidence, a level of self belief I’ve developed throughout this year.

and Yet, still, it is a process.

Tell me what you think about self love and leave your journey in the comments below.