Is Global Influencer Agency A Scam?

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What Are Our Thoughts?


Recently, The Fashion Frenze was approached with an opportunity to work with The Global Influencer Agency. The email received, was very professional, no typos and sounded very sincere. Our initial feeling was to be excited. We are fairly new and we knew our platform just had to be one of a kind for GIA to choose our platform to represent out of the 100’s of influencing platforms on social media.



Now the more we analyzed this email, I began to question what profile was GIA speaking of and more importantly, why didn’t the influencing agency contact us directly through Instagram as they used an informal email address which is no longer attached to the Frenze brand. So how did this company retrieve our email?

As I started to do some more digging, I learned this company was private, claiming to currently reside in the Trump Towers, which from what I can see, the address provided, is not the current address of the Trump Building, although the addresses seem to coincide with one another on Google. Which led me to wonder if the Trump Building is a separate location than the Trump Towers or if there even was a such thing.


Another dead end…


So I began to look the agency up via social media. I found a group claiming to have a large number of people associated with the group, but I cannot gain access to the group until my lifetime membership of $125 was paid in full. Which leads me to my next thing.

The Global Influencer Agency is very adamant about their fee and why they require their influencers to pay a relatively small fee for all the services provided. The phone number provided doesnt work at all.


After responding and seeking more information, two weeks later I received another email from GIA requesting we use the link to Chic NY in order to get the process started. Personally, I find this to be strange, being the company who emailed me was Global Influencing Agency.


To Wrap It Up!…

From, my personal experience, there was not enough information provided by the company to determine that this was a sincere and legitimate opportunity. We’ve received mixed messages regarding the services GIA provides and it seems to us to be a start up company that has a hit or miss track record as far as boosting the success of their influencers.

As a result, our expertise has required us to respectfully declined to work with the Global Influencer Agency at this time nor do we advise our readers to pay for or utilize their services at this time. We will follow their platform and provide updates should things change and if the opportunity is meant for The Fashion Frenze platform, it will present itself again.


Any thoughts? Tell us what you think about the Global Influencer Agency and how has it worked out for you and your platform thus far?


5 thoughts on “Is Global Influencer Agency A Scam?

  1. I also received the same message from GIA. I googled reviews and checked their website. Definitely recommend steering clear of this agency. I saw a few unsettling reviews that showed they just took people’s money with little to nothing in return.


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