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7 Useful Tips Every Aspiring Model Should Know


I did an interview the other day and it helped to remind me of this blog’s overall mission. That mission is to inspire and assist a group of young women who seek to become models at some point in their lives. Not only do I hope to inspire aspiring models but I also seek to inspire women of all types from babies to full grown to our elders.

So as I was laying in bed that evening, I began to ask myself what is it that I can give to the young women reading this blog, what can I give to help steer young women in the right direction when making their spot in this industry. So I decided to share some tips that I’ve come to learn along the way, that hopefully others can take heed to as well. Check those tips out below!


#1 Know Your Angles.

Knowing your angles will help you tremendously because you will generate photos that you and the photographer can be proud of. Think of when you take a selfie. When you take a selfie, you often angle your face in a way to show off your best look. Knowing your angles is exactly that. Angling your face and your body that gives off your best look.

#2 Learn Everything You Can About The Industry.

A good model, a Top Model learns everything she can about the industry. Modeling, contrary to what we see, requires one to master their craft. Modeling is not just about looking pretty, it’s also about networking and you never know who you might meet. If you want to be impressionable than knowing everything you can about the industry from photographers to designers will do some good.

# 3 Understand Your Market & Where You Fit In.

Know where you fit in. I can’t say this enough! Know your market. See if you have not figured out your target market. Be sure to choose a market you are confident you can succeed in. Do your research. If your plus size and pretty, well then the plus size market is for you. If you are slimmer maybe swimsuit modeling is for you. If you have long legs the runway could be for you or if you have nice hands, hand modeling might suit you just fine. There is a market for your best features, you just have to find it and grow within that market.

#4 Learn How To Smile With Just Your Eyes.

Ooh, this is a neat little trick that will turn every non smiling look into an intriguing one. You want your look to be engaging whether you are smiling or not. Relax your face. Remove your smile. Think of something that makes you smile but do not smile. Smile with your eyes.

#5 Practice Elongating Your Body While Posing.

This tip, when you can get it down will help tremendously. Many people do not realize how hard modeling can be. Most poses are required to be held for long periods of time and the model is going against her natural poses just to make herself appear longer on camera. Often times models are also required to hold their composure mid shot so practicing this now will help you in the future.

#5 Practice & Study New Poses.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Noticing a trend here. Pinterest has become a handy tool for models and photographers when coming up with new poses to shoot. Study and learn those poses. This is good so that more of your photos during a shoot come out fabulous and not catastrophic.

#6 Invest In Clear, Professional Head Shots.

This is important. A head shot is the first thing an agency and or photographer/designer will see when you come across their radar. You want to catch their attention right here. Would it surprise you that this head shot requires you to do less with yourself, not more? You want these head shots to be natural. No make up, No weaves, nothing but a clear face and a smile if you want. We recommend you wear your hair pulled back for the best results!

#7 Don’t Allow Your Surroundings To Affect Your Photo Shoot.

This is a big one. Do not allow your surroundings to affect your shoot. Photo shoots happen everywhere. As a matter of fact, my last photo shoot was at the Union Station in downtown Denver, Colorado. There were people everywhere during this shoot. I was nervous, my ears were hot most times but I did it to myself. I wanted to shoot at the Union Station. This was tough but made for a great back drop. I say all this to say just go with the flow. Work the scene but don’t let it work you.

Have anything else to add? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below! Like, Share and Subscribe. Thanks a lot.


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