Be Classy 101: 6 Ways You Can Begin To Implement Class Instantly

Get Rid of Chipped Nail Polish.

There is nothing more tacky than chipped nail polish. Like what are you saving the chips for? Either get rid of the toe nail polish all together, or do not show off your toes in public.

Sit With Your Legs Closed.

Listen, it does not matter if you have on a dress, a skirt or pants. A lady with class keeps her legs closed at all times. There are two popular ways to do this. One is putting one leg over the other. If this is not a comfortable position for you, try tucking one knee under the other. Either way is fine and socially acceptable.

Use Your Dinner Napkin!

How many of you go to restaurants, take your silverware out and leave the napkin sitting right there on the table. The napkin is actually supposed to go onto your lap and is there for you should you spill anything. You can also easily access the napkin when needing to wipe the corners of your mouth while you eat.

Elbows Off The Dinner Table!

Believe it or not, this is a combination of manners and class. Elbows on the dinner table is perhaps one of the common manners ignored but is an a representation of class and sophistication. Believe it or not, class is all about a persons mannerisms, not what they do occasionally, if at all.

Refrain From Cursing, Especially In Public.

Although I curse, when posting as a part of my brand, I do not curse often in public. It is very rare when I curse aloud while around people I do not know. However, most would say a lady should not curse at all and I agree even if it may be hard to follow at times.

Chin Up Buttercup!

Walk with your shoulders back and your head held high. Back in the day, etiquette schools would make their young girls walk back and forth with books on their heads to help train the child how to walk with class, sophistication and confidence.