10 Wardrobe Essentials For Fall 2019

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The Fashion Frenze | Fashion & Style | What To Wear | 10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Below are 10 items that every girl absolutely must have in their closet this fall. You can find each item to your own taste and liking, but all items will come handy in the future. Check out our essential list… and share yours in the comments below.

Black Pants/ Jeans

A black pair of jeans and/or pants can replace black tights. If your black tights are in the wash, your black jeans and/or pants can be a great replacement.

White T Shirt

White T Shirts go with just about anything and is a staple for just about everyone’s wardrobe. White t shirts come in handy whether they be an undershirt or a regular shirt.

Tank Top

Tank tops make for wonderful undershirts, whether it be, under a sweater, under a blazer, or under a long sleeve shirt. The tank top allows for your outfit to be more versatile.


As we thought of this one, we thought well… isn’t that an obvious one. Leggings are what we would call another wardrobe staple. A must have in your closet during the fall and winter seasons.


Oh my gosh! Last fall/winter was definitely sweater season. The bold, and colorful prints, had us in love with everything sweater, from sweater dresses, to sweater crop tops… we were definitely here for it.


Tall boots and booties are another wardrobe staple… or essential. These are must-haves because, well for obvious reasons, you need good snow boots, well for the snow and stylish boots, for well, when you are out and about. Why not get both in one?

Trench Coat/ Pea Coat

Yes, get your scandal on. Believe it or not, the inspector gadget look is in. Invest in a nice trench coat and it will do you wonders down the road.

Flannel Top

The Flannel Top is classic and can be worn and paired with just about anything and anywhere. Get you a good flannel to simply just be you in.

See Through Bag

The clear and transparent back packs are in style.


Camouflage will never go out of style. Having one or two camo items could never hurt.

Have anything else that you would like to add? Feel free to comment down below!