6 Quick Tips For Your Fashion Emergency Kit

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Did Some One Say There Was A Fashion Emergency???

Having a fashion emergency? Here is our quick guide of fashion emergency tips.


The fashion frenze fashion emergency kit

My zipper keeps falling down!

Do you have a zipper that just will not stay up, no matter how many times you zip it up? Try inserting and securing a rubber band in the top hole of your zipper. Use the rubber band to place around the closest button. This will hold the zipper in place.

The fashion frenze fashion emergency kit

Need to dress up your fit?

Add a great pair of heels to your outfit and watch how quickly your outfit transforms to a higher level. A great pair of heels really helps to doll up an outfit.

The fashion frenze fashion emergency kit

Do You Have Deodorant On Your Shirt?

There are two ways to remove deodorant from your shirt. One is water. Get a rag or washcloth damp and gently tap it onto the deodorant stain. You can also use the Styrofoam on a hanger to wipe away the deodorant.


The fashion frenze fashion emergency kit

Do you get blisters on your heel from wearing your shoes?

If so, a band aid or some other sort of friction protection helps to minimize the friction.

The fashion frenze fashion emergency kit

How to prevent wrinkles after ironing?

Wearing your clothes right after ironing them can actually cause more wrinkles to form. Try ironing the night before to prevent wrinkles from forming.

The fashion frenze fashion emergency kit

Have a run in your tights?

Clear nail polish works wonders if you ever find yourself wearing tights and they run. Keep clear nail polish in your bag, just in case. Place the nail polish over the run and watch your tights magically adhere around the nail polish ultimately dissolving the run and/or hole.

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