Dinner On The Roof Top, Los Chingones

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 Los Chingoles - The Fashion Frenze Food Review
Knife and Fork Chicken Buritto w/ Coleslaw, Green Chili, Mexican Crema, and Tomatillo Sauce

Los Chingones is a beautiful, upscale Mexican Eatery located off of Broadway & Larimer. Los Chingones has four locations throughout the Metro Area. My first time going, it was a little hard to find but once I found it, I was welcomed.

For starters, the service received was absolutely amazing! From the bar to the rooftop, the experience was absolutely a 10. And you know what else?

Los Chingones is known for its Tequila.

 Los Chingoles - The Fashion Frenze Food Review
Strawberry Margarita & Company @ Los Chingones

I ordered a bowl, and somehow ended up with a burrito. Bowl, burrito, it’s all the same. The burrito given to me was huge. The burrito was practically bigger than my head and I could not eat it all in one sitting. I also noticed the green chili had a hint of nutmeg in it which was pretty unique.

Overall Los Chigones gets a rating of 5 stars, hands down. The food was fresh and the tequilas were strong. All underneath a beautiful Colorado sunset. I mean, what more can a girl ask for?

Check out Los Chigones here.

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