Dinner At Friday’s: Food Review

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Dinner at TGI Friday’s in Aurora was an interesting experience shared between a friend and I. While the idea of going to TGI Friday’s sounded fun, our experience was not so much. I will explain why…

Now, before I delve deep, the food and drinks were a 4 … The food was overly priced considering the portions received. Nevertheless, our food was fresh and nicely prepped.

I ordered a slush drink, strawberry margarita, which was delicious.

The Cajun Chicken and Shrimp pasta was delicious. Creamy and cheesy, the shrimp melted in my mouth. The chicken, I expected to be dry was surprisingly just as tender and filled with the juices and spice in the pasta.

The food was the very least of my concerns. It is expected to receive a decent meal at a national chain such as TGI Friday’s. What makes me rate this TGI Fridays a 3 was the poor customer service received. The restaurant seemed to be understaffed. Our greeter, took about 10 mins to greet us and when he did, he did not seem happy to greet us. Our table was pretty dirty, and we were served dirty plates, which I kindly pointed out to the waitress. We waited about 30 mins before ordering our food…

The quality of customer service is important in a food restaurant. and while we give the food a 4, we give the overall experience a 3.

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