3 Insightful Ways You Can Begin To Love Yourself Even More

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Take Accountability For Your Life!

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Allow this to sit with you. When I share my experiences, my journey it is only to inspire and encourage one to become better than who they were yesterday. I truly believe my purpose here on this earth is to challenge the way people think. CHALLENGE THE LIMITATIONS in which we place on ourselves, myself included. Many people come to me for advice, and I share the wisdom that not only do I apply to my life, or have learned from and experience I’ve went through, but that may often times be the harsh truth to some. I’m okay with that.

To bring us back, I want you to ask yourself what self love truly is. What is self love? Self love is more than just a phase, a trend, a what sounds good for right now. Self love is a must in order to become the very best versions of ourselves. But what it is not is EASY.

SELF LOVE requires us to delve deep into ourselves and really focus on what we think is the worst part of ourselves. It requires us to take accountability for HOW WE THINK, HOW WE FEEL and HOW WE BEHAVE at all times of the day, not just when its convenient for us. Taking RESPONSIBILITY for who we have chosen to be is a very hard thing to do but in order to truly love one self you must begin to take RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE!

When you truly begin to love yourself, you will begin to see how the choices you’ve made whether good or bad has gotten to where you are in this exact moment.

Instead of blaming others for how you feel, you will begin to take responsibility for your emotions and ultimately for the choices you’ve made that led to you feeling the way you do. You will begin to delve back to when you were a child and begin to undo all the programming you subscribed to. You care about yourself enough to REWRITE THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE and you refuse to settle for anything less.

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When you love yourself you will begin to forgive others, and over look the small stuff because you understand that you yourself are still a work in progress. You develop compassion for others because you have compassion for yourself.

You will begin to prosper because you’ve chosen to let go of the baggage that was weighing you down.. keeping you from living out your fullest potential. You will begin to smile because the joy and serenity you hold will come from an internal space, not an external place.

Here’s the kicker. Here’s the piece no one wants to talk about. SELF LOVE REQUIRES SELF WORK. You got to be willing to put the work in. Period! There is absolutely no way to get around that. You have to be COMMITTED ENOUGH to STAY DISCIPLINED enough to even begin to truly love yourself. You have to want to love yourself more otherwise, you will think that self love is merely going to the nail shop every two weeks.

No it’s more than that. Much, much more than that. But if you are too busy blaming everyone else for your shortcomings, for your emotions, you can never truly love who you are. Ever. So put the work in so that you can begin to love yourself in it’s totality.

You will know when you are beginning to truly love yourself. You will. Here’s How. Your wanting to love yourself, will no longer come from a place of anger and/or selfishness. You decision to love yourself more will come from a place of sincerity. You will want to put the work in to make your self better than who you were yesterday. Everything you, eat, sleep and breathe will be based on self love. Learning and developing yourself will become a hobby.

With that said, I truly hope this sits with you; That you take these words and make them your own. Take these words and begin to apply them. Begin to really take responsibility for your own happiness. PEACE!

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