8 Wardrobe Essentials That Will Rock Your Interview

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Personally, I do not recommend any pants. You can wear slacks as most would tell you, slacks are interview attire. Don’t get me wrong, I have worn pants, I’ve even worn jeans before, but that is not my go to. I’ve overcome challenges like wearing jeans during an interview so I’m not against slacks.

The goal of this article is to help you to leave a lasting impression with the interviewer. My goal is to help you stand out so the interviewer will remember who you are when it comes time to make a hiring decision. If you want the job, you must look like you want the job. The more feminine you appear to be, the easier it is to get the job. The more put together you look, the more likely you are to get hired.

Here are a few key essentials you need in order to leave a lasting impression and crush your interview.


A smile says a million words about who you are without you having to speak. Bring your smile first and foremost to your job interview. Show the interviewer that you can be professional but also personable, friendly. A smile alone speaks volumes and tells the interviewer just how confident you really are.


As a woman, wearing a dress is a simple way to dress for an interview. A dress is easy to throw on, and so long as it is not club attire, or super old, or a costume, you can wear it to your interview. The dress will make you appear more feminine and essentially, more appealing to others without having to put yourself out there. Keep the dress just above the knee, and be sure that it flows, not tight fitting.


You can really never go wrong with a skirt so long as your skirt is just above the knee. You do not want your skirt to be too high. Fingertip length still applies in this situation. RULE OF THUMB: If you cannot wear it to church, don’t wear it to an interview.


I say a pair of flats, because with a pair of flats you can dress up or down a particular attire. The flats will give the dress a more, dressed down look but still professional. Flats are often pretty comfortable and perhaps the safest choice when wearing shoes to an interview as you can never go wrong with a pair of flats.


Depending on what position you are interviewing for, you may want to wear a blazer. Blazers can really dress up an outfit, making not just the outfit but the person appear to be more sophisticated than they really are. QUICK TIP: Blazers come in handy when interviewing for Corporate or Executive Positions.


Well this is a NO BRAINER. What will you wear with the skirt or the slacks you may throw on? I mean, I’m just saying this should be common sense. A button up or a nice, simple top with absolutely no writing on it will do just fine.


Heels can be a little iffy depending on the height and style. Heels can make a woman seem a bit taller, confident and powerful so long as the woman walks with her head up and her shoulders back while wearing them. Heels can certainly dress up a pant suit. RULE OF THUMB: Be careful not to wear open toed shoes to your interview. You might want to wait on this until you learn the dress policy of the company you are interviewing with.


Now a cardigan comes in handy for one specific reason. Covering your shoulders. Yes… ladies. Covering your shoulders in 2019 when presenting yourself for certain opportunities still applies. Wearing a short or long sleeved cardigan with a spaghetti strapped top is definitely okay. This allows for your wardrobe to have variety and gives you a wider range of options when coming up with an outfit to wear.

Remember, the key to getting the job is not at all what you wear. CONFIDENCE in your self and your ABILITIES, TALENTS and SKILLS SETS, is what will get you the job. The key to GAINING such CONFIDENCE is to look your ABSOLUTE BEST so that you can FEEL and BE your ABSOLUTE BEST. #fashioninspired

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