46 Quotes From Super Model Naomi Campbell

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“Life is too short to bullshit.” – Naomi Campbell

“I feel very responsible for young models of colour. They come to me and tell me they’re not getting jobs, and I do what I can to speak up for them.” – Naomi Campbell

“I cannot drink or do anything that changes the mind.” – Naomi Campbell

“When I wanted to change the concept of what I was doing, I needed to be more public because it involved more people to collaborate. And I am doing television now. I have to be honest, I was very afraid to do TV. I said no for 10 years.” – Naomi Campbell

“Nothing’s ever come easy to me and nothing ever will and that is okay. I’m used to that. I go with with the challenges. I roll with the punches.” – Naomi Campbell

“What is very scary is when you start to feel confident, you start to feel indispensable.” – Naomi Campbell

“You see all races in music, and in dance and theatre, so why can’t we see it in fashion?” – Naomi Campbell

“I loved watching so many of the great designers I’ve worked with do what they do. That’s why I’m still loyal to the designers that I’ve known since I was 16.” – Naomi Campbell

“Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue… and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self esteem and loneliness.” – Naomi Campbell

“I trust pictures, but no pictures made in my world because I know what goes on.” – Naomi Campbell

“What makes a person is the ability to look at themselves and deal with their own lives.” – Naomi Campbell

“I like to control everything and you cannot control everything. You have to at some point say, ‘I let go and I’m going to let the cards fall where they fall. For a control freak it’s hard.” – Naomi Campbell

“There is only going to be one Kate Moss. Kate is an icon.” – Naomi Campbell

“I’m always trying to do the impossible to please people. It comes from not being secure in myself and not looking at the things within I have to fix. Sometimes you keep going because you do not want to face the truth.” – Naomi Campbell

“I’ve never had a fear of traveling and going to a new place. I adapt.” – Naomi Campbell

“Look. You have to make mistakes. That’s how you learn and that is how the world works.” – Naomi Campbell

“After Versace was murdered the first person to call me was Nelson Mandela.” – Naomi Campbell

“Its a new challenge to see how people can change your look. I like words like transformation, reinvention and chameleon because one word I don’t like is predictable.” – Naomi Campbell

“I haven’t met her. She won’t catch up with me.” – Naomi Campbell

“I don’t worry about a number. I’m fine with aging.” – Naomi Campbell

“What I like about gyrotonics is you feel like you really elongated yourself for the day… As we all get older, everything changes and moves, and there’s natural ways to exercise. I think it is important and I think it’s something that can help keep things in place.” – Naomi Campbell

“Feeling passionate about something, doesn’t mean you have to be angry.” – Naomi Campbell

“I live my life day by day, and that’s how I continue to live it.” – Naomi Campbell

“In charity, every little bit works. You can’t change the world. You can’t do everything but you sure try to bring awareness and do as much as you can.” – Naomi Campbell

“When I started out modeling, there weren’t casting directors and there weren’t stylists so you just dealt directly with the designer. We were all much closer back then.” – Naomi Campbell

“I love mentoring young girls. I’ve always been like that.” – Naomi Campbell

“Children are our future and we must take care of them with maximum effort.” – Naomi Campbell

“I’ve always been shy of doing television. I’ve always said, ‘No.’ Not to be disrespectful to anyone. I just didn’t want to say yes and then let people down.” – Naomi Campbell

“I have no regrets. I’ve got my health.” – Naomi Campbell

“I love England, especially the food. There’s nothing I like more than a lovely bowl of pasta.” – Naomi Campbell

“I’m very observant and very instinctive. In life, you have to have the vulnerability to accept when you are to blame. I do have that and I’m open enough to say it.”– Naomi Campbell

“I don’t like workouts that make you bulky.” – Naomi Campbell

“I never diet. I smoke. I drink now and then. I never work out.” – Naomi Campbell

“Am I bossy? Absolutely! I do not like to lose and if I’m told no, I find another way to get my yes. But… I’m a loyal person.” – Naomi Campbell

“Everyone has a temper. A temper is an emotion.” – Naomi Campbell

“I don’t always wear underwear. When I’m in the heat, especially, I can’t wear it. Like, if I’m wearing a flower dress, why do I have to wear underwear.” – Naomi Campbell

“My features are completely ethnic.” – Naomi Campbell

“Check your lipstick before you come and talk to me.” – Naomi Campbell

“I make a lot of money, but I don’t want to talk about that.” – Naomi Campbell

“When I started modeling in the mid-80’s, the girls who did shows did shows, and the girls who did magazines did magazines. That’s what was understood.” – Naomi Campbell

“I don’t think I was born beautiful. I just think I was born me.” – Naomi Campbell

“I’m not set on a pedestal I think I’m too high and mighty.” – Naomi Campbell

“The word reality scared me. I just looked at reality as everybody follows me around with a camera, and I’m not that kind of person. I fought for my privacy in England and I didn’t see another way it could be done.” – Naomi Campbell

“I’ve been doing my job well for 17 years. People must see something in me, otherwise I’d be over and out.” – Naomi Campbell

“The worst was when my skirt fell down to my ankles, but I had thick tights underneath.” – Naomi Campbell

“I work very hard and I’m worth every cent.” – Naomi Campbell

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