Top 20 Quotes By Supermodel Iman Abdulmajid

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“Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.” – Iman

“The day you settle for less is the day you get less.” – Iman

“I did not want to settle for a rock star. No Way! It is not the sane thing to do.” – Iman

“Intelligence is sexy. Don’t play dumb.” – Iman

“I would rather Google other people than Google myself.” – Iman

“The women I gravitate to are the ones who defy convention and reinvent themselves hence, they reinvent the world around them.” – Iman

“I believe in glamour. I am in favor of a little vanity. I don’t rely on just my genes.” – Iman

“Make sure your decision to have a child is based on the need to share your life completely another little human being and not because of some personal need for validation as a woman.” – Iman

“Don’t be afraid to walk away from things that are just not right for you.” – Iman

“My father gave me a positive connection with men because he is a gentleman.” – Iman

“Change makes you find your calling, your legacy, and God’s divine plan for your life. Don’t run from it.” – Iman

“There are high lights when you become irreplaceable as a model, like when you become a muse to designers. They look at you differently; you are not a coat hanger for hire.” – Iman

“There is strength in numbers.” – Iman

“The people who are most successful in life are not stopped by fear.” – Iman

“The day you settle for less is the day you get less.” – Iman

“A self esteem issue doesnt change whether you are considered beautiful or not because it’s about what is inside you.” – Iman

“I don’t do anything by myself. I have a whole crew to get me ready every day.” – Iman

“My looks have changed. I have laugh lines, not wrinkles.” – Iman

“Looking good is a commitment to yourself and to others. Wigs, killer heels, Pilates – whatever works for you honey.” – Iman

“My saving grace was that I always knew when to leave a party.” – Iman

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