Portfolio Building 101: 5 Tips on How To Build Your Modeling Portfolio

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Everything You Need To Know To Start Building Your Modeling Portfolio

So modeling looks easy right? You just take a bunch of pictures, post them online and that’s it. Well no… that is not it. There is a reason why Instagram Models, although securing the bag, will never be high fashion models and if they do become high fashion models, that is on very rare occasions. Still in 2019 and I will tell you why.

High fashion is a form of art, especially high fashion editorial shooting. The model must have this ability to be chameleon like, adapt to any look required for the shoot to be successful. A model must be able to pose and hold those poses while looking as natural as possible. A model must be able to properly walk in high heels, change the expressions on her face on whim and still manage to look good. A model when nude must produce a piece of art, and with all due respect, King Magazine for example, is not High Fashion Art.

So how do you build a high fashion portfolio? Check out these tips below.

  1. Know what type of modeling it is that you want to do, before focusing on building your portfolio. Think of your portfolio as your resume. When job seeking, most tailor their resume to the job they want or the industry they’d like to be in, if they haven’t been already. Same with modeling. You need to know what your end goal is so you can begin to create the portfolio that will get you there.
  2. Assuming High Fashion is the direction you want to go in, there are basic components to building your portfolio. You will need professional head shots which display your personality. Remember, a picture of you says a thousand words, so what will your head shots say about you? You will need at least one swimsuit shoot. If you want to be a swimsuit model, then obviously you will need more than one swimsuit shoot. You will need professional full body shots.
  3. You want to create a portfolio that displays your ability to be versatile. The fashion industry is huge, so just in case you don’t become the next Tyra Banks, you want to leave the door open for other opportunities that may come along.
  4. Know your best angles and poses and use them at every chance you get. Believe it or not, but this will give your pictures that much more UMPH! Practice in the mirror, or study your favorite selfies and recognize the angles in which you look your best. Pinterest and studying other models will help you to remember and/or learn new poses. Use this knowledge during your photo shoots.
  5. Be mindful of the look you are putting out. This is really important. The industry is not as forgiving as finding a job workplace. I tell women all the time. If you want to be a high fashion model, than you must look high fashion in your portfolio no matter what. The moment you decide to look King Magazine, you can easily get put into that box, and it is very hard to get out of a box, once the industry puts you in it. So be sure that your portfolio displays the look in which you are striving to go.

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