Quick Read: What is Fashion?

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What is Fashion?

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Is this not a deep subject? We use the word Fashion all the time, but what is it really? Fashion is a political statement we use to express ourselves within this reality. Fashion is a way in which we put together the garments we having hanging from hangers and folded in drawers within our closet and sleeping areas.

Fashion is hot. Fashion is trendy and yet somehow, not following the trend is what makes us fashionable. Fashion is not just clothes or something we see in a magazine.

Oh, no! Fashion is a creative force never to be reckoned with. Fashion is a creative design, art work, a master piece in it’s own right.

So divine, that fashion could mean all things luxury and yet all things raggedy too. Fashion is a uniform which we all subscribe to in one form or another. For instance, there is casual attire and professional attire and depending on what setting you are in you’ll wear what is required.

Fashion is a form of self expression. Unique to the person who wears it, embraces it, creates it and yet familiar to those who’ve out lived it.

Trends go in and out of style, and come back years later, as an upgraded version, right before our very eyes. As my grand mother used to put it, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

Fashion says who you are without you ever having to say a word.

Combined with endless colors and materials, fashion is bold, brave and daring. Fashion is defining, infinite and recreating itself in a plethora of ways every single moment of the day.

Fashion is a collection of emotions. Fashion can transform and express our emotions, just like that! Energy in Motion. A collection of thought processes, a collection of creativity.

A constant flow, a living entity. Fashion is more than just fashion. It is a force to be reckoned with.

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