Types of Modeling: What’s Your Model Type?

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(Naomi Campbell by Herb Ritts)

This type of model is often showcased wearing and promoting various fashion labels, brands and clothing to the world through picture. This is the girl you may notice in magazines. Most editorial photos are meant to tell a story but also work hard to capture the look of the model.


A commercial model, is exactly what it sounds like. A commercial model. The neat thing about this particular type of model is that the model can come in any shape, size and color. From children to the elderly, all people are welcome. Commercials help to promote a wide variety of products, from food to car insurance. Let All State Stand!!!


A fitness model tends to model fitness gear, exercises and products.


A model who walks the catwalk. We see runway models during Fashion Week. This model showcases the garments live by strutting down a runway in front of various people within the industry and the world alike.


Unless you really understand how the industry works, you may not of heard of this particular model. No this is not a typo. A fit model is a real thing. What this type of model does is get fitted behind the scenes. What does fitted mean? These models help to maintain the sizing of the garment throughout it’s process from beginning to end.


An extra is a body needed to fill the scene of a movie, Tv show or commercial. For instance, a club scene in a movie has to have a ton of extras right? To make it appear to the viewer that the club scene is indeed a club scene. Or the people you may see walking down the street in a movie, but are not at all the main characters. Every now and then and extra will get to say a line or two in the movie. For some models, actors and actresses, just saying one line in a movie was all they needed to jump start their careers in the industry.


A promotional model is exactly what it sounds like. These models are usually very friendly, pretty and outgoing. You can usually find them at events, trades shows and live events promoting their client’s products.


(Melissa Ford)

A video girl model often appears on the sets of musical artists who need beautiful women to tell their story through their music. These are the women and men in the music videos of all genres.


The plus size movement is huge. Not too long ago, the plus size fashion industry was very small. As women have begun to embrace curves and thickness, the fashion industry had no choice but to make plus size a much larger market than it was. So now if you are a size 11 plus, you can be a plus size model.


(CiCi Jackson)

A parts model is a model who models parts of his or her body. For instance, if you have really nice hands, you could become a hand model or a foot model. Most part models, model accessories, shoes, jewelry, and makeup.


(Former PlayBoy Bunny, Stephanie Adams 1992-2018)

A centerfold model usually poses in a provocative manner with little to no clothes on. These photos are often spread across 2 pages and fold in the middle.


Catalogs are not as in as they used to be. However, this particular model only models off the clothing. These models were rarely visible from the neck down but in more modern times, these models have been able to pose, show their face and promote clothing, giving them more exposure to other opportunities.


(Kimora Simmons)

A child model can cross reference with a child actor as well.


A swimsuit model generally models swimsuits and lingerie only. Some models will eventually branch out from there. For example, Tyra Banks. The thing about Tyra was Tyra mastered her craft and eventually branched off to do other types of modeling. In one of The America’s Next Top Model episodes, Tyra stated that the best thing any model can do is master his or her craft. If you can master your craft, you will dominate the industry.

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